Mahjong Biggest Cards – 国士无双 十三幺

Date:Jul 22, 2020

Yesterday mark the most special day in my entire life.

Let me explain. If you know the game of Mahjong, you know the Thirteen Wonders (十三幺) is one of the most difficult card to make. And if you can get one card each is even more harder.

So during yesterday game at my boss’ house, I make wonders happen.

Here are some info of Thirteen Wonders. So the most hardest is to get one card each in your hands of 13 cards. Usually, there are high chance to get a pair of such card. But for me, I was started with 8 Thirteen Wonders cards and I hand pick the rest of the 5 cards thru out the game.

You can imagine how my heart is pounding when I collected all 13 cards. And now I am listening to 13 cards. Whoever throw the winds card or the ones and nines will lose Thirteen Wonders to me.

And my friend here was choosing to throw either 九万 or this 北 wind card. Eventually he threw this North 北 card. And looses $$.

I was so excited after I won. I have done Thirteen wonders I think about 2 times in my whole 38 years of playing mahjong history. And both time I already have a pair of “eye” in it and only listen to one single card. This time, is really different. I was listening to 13 cards. You can imagine how excited I am.

This is one memorable day to remember. The same day I won all three of them too. It is a good luck day.

After winning, then, all my friends is lecturing me. Why I never thought of doing a self drawn 自摸十三幺? To tell you the truth, It never cross my mind at all. When I took in the thirteenth card, my mine is to watch out for any big cards and 1’s and 9’s. But it never gave me a chance to 自摸 and I have already won. Hahahahahahahaha

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