Photo Taken on 2020-02-02 20:20

Date:  2020-02-02 20:20

Today is a special day.  Year 2020, Month 02 and Day 02.

While we are watching the TV and went into commercial I take a look at the clock, oh, it’s 20:20 (8:20pm).  So, I quickly assembled the boys, quick quick quick, take a group photo!!!!

And we managed to take it during the 20:20 minutes.  (Actual photo timestamps is 2020-02-02 20:20:25, we missed by 5 seconds to go into precise moment of 20:20:20).  Screenshot 2020-02-02 at 8.45.44 PM.png

YEAH!!!!! You never had another chance and moment like this.


Precise and precious moment of 2020-02-02 20:20.  🙂

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