Magic Cards

Date:  Feb 17, 2019

Almost 18 years ago, I bought my first set of magic cards from Beijing.  And the magic trick is so convincing.

18 years later, I bought similar magic cards from Taobao.  And let’s see if I can perform magic or not.

The tricks goes like this.  Choose any card, and put back into the deck.  And I should be able to guess and take that same card out after multiple of shuffling by me or other people.


My colleague doe not believe.

So, I must have performed the tricks so many times.  And I allow him to take video.  So that he can watch from home, from time to time, and try to find out what so special about the magic card.

He don’t have a clue after one week later.

So, I decided to give him a clue.

This time, I allow him to shoot the video again.  And he tends to shoot it nearer, and do not want to miss out anything.  But yet, he still cannot figure out.  So, I decided to cover my hands under my cloths, and then I find the card out for him.

So, this will eliminate “there are markings” on the card.  I can even do it blind foldly.

See, really a magic card from Taobao, without this card, cannot do magic.


Does not say how I did it.  But let you think how it was done.  Have fun!


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