Happy Birthday Kay Kay 2019

Date: August 18, 2019

Although there are another 3 more days for Kay Kay’s birthday, we had a few celebration for him already. Bought him a few new toys that he likes. Here is for the memory.

When kids grew up, the celebrations tends to simplify.

Wah… those days where you need to order cake from famous baker to put your cartoon characters onto the cake days are over. Which is good for us. Those cakes cost $300-$500 depending on design. I am glad those days are over.

And this cake we don’t even have to buy. Ask your friend to sponsor. Wahahahaha

but still need to have some fancy things. I have no clue what is this candles for. Is it a fire sticks? Fireworks may be? Or just gold colored candles?

Let’s light it up.

Let’s find out what happen when we light it.

It is just candles la. Normal candles but in gold color. Wahahahaha

Take a nice picture with mommy.

10 years old already.

Grow up already.

But still skinny leh. Must make him eat more.

Let’s sing the Happy Birthday song.

This year, as usual and the same as previous year, we celebrated Kay Kay’s birthday with the Smith family.

One thing you find is, when he grew up older, he tends to become more shy. Hahaha

OK, let’s take picture with best bud.

And the whole Friday play-date gang. These kids has been playing Minecraft, Roblok and Mario Karts for don’t know how many Donkey years. Happy to be participating their growing years. Hahahaa

And the family photo.

The cut the cake photo.

And straight after that… gaming time again.

Come’ on, take picture.

This is the new Generation. The gaming kids.

Next day, celebrated with his grandmother.

Let’s have nice food.

And you know what he ordered? Kids meal. Hair…

Still young meh?

But perhaps the most happy moment is when he get this Fortnite automatic machine gun (need 4 batteries to run) as his 10th year birthday.

Not a bad gun. Hahahahahaha

Not to big for you meh Kay Kay?

Happy Birthday my son.

You are doing great.

But try not to become a game addict ya.

Happy 10th Birthday.

We will celebrate again on Wednesday. The real day.

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