Gadget – Brydge Pro 12.9 Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9-inch 3rd Generation 2018 model

Date: August 18, 2019

It’s quite a while never lay hands on my MiniLiew blog.

I was busy. So many new things. So little time.

Today, every Sunday I have to sent the kids to 4 hours badminton training at SUTD. So, I mind as well bring a long this to write some blog entry. Clean up a bit of my photos in my Photo app.

From far, you must thought that this is a laptop. Or a MacBook.

If I didn’t know what I had, I will say it is a MacBook too. Which model? MacBook Air? MacBook or MacBook Pro?

Then, you realize that there is no “Touch Pad”.

And, there is a “Apple Pencil” attaching itself at the top.

Wait a minute, that is an iPad??? IPad Pro?

YEAP! This is my iPad Pro 12.9″ 2018 3rd Generation model. I had this for almost a year now.

YEAP! I don’t or try not to carry my iPad Air out as it is very slow compare to my iPad.

YEAP! That’s the new Keyboard I bought from Amazon.

Let’s introduce it to you, and tell’ ya why I like about it.

Previously, I have the Apple Smart Keyboard. But that new version of Smart Keyboard is quite suck! I don’t like it. It will fell off from time to time, not like the first generation one, so robustly attached to the iPad.

So, I decided to ditched it after using it for few months. I went for a normal iPad cover.

Then, you know la, if I do my typing, typing on a screen is not exactly my type.

So, when I see a news from my Geeky news channel about this new Brydge keyboard, I told myself, I have to owned one of these. Hahahaha

That is how it clipped the iPad onto it. Your can clip it facing you or you can facing away from you so that you can make it into a iPad stand for you to watch movie.

It clipped quite firmly.

They even give you a soft cover to cover your iPad back. I don’t feel any use for it. But I think they just want to do marketing. Put a “Y” branding there for it. Hahahaha it is magnet pad that attached to the bag of your iPad. You can take it off anytime you want. It serves as protection too.

See, you can take it off easily.

Again, it is designed in US, and assembled in China. It has a patent too.

Oh dear… I didn’t read this rating. 450mA max??? I hope my USB charger is smart enough not to over power it. Hahahahaha I didn’t actually use the charger adapter that comes with it. Because it has a USB-C port as the charging port. So, USB-C, it should be more than 2A right? But any way, the keyboard still can be used without any problem, so I guess this 450mA max rating is a bit questionable. Hahahahaha

Look closely, you have the dimmer.

Let’s try out the dimmer. WOW, that is cool. You can dim your iPad anytime you want using the keyboard buttons. That’s cool.

The other cool thing about this is the Play music button. Wait, I think Apple Smart Keypad also have it.

Press the play button it plays music from your Apple Music, whatever playlist you were using last. You can jump songs too.

It connects to the Bluetooth. So, when your iPad is turn on, it automatically connects to Bluetooth.

Ar… you can lock your screen very fast. By simply pressing the lock button.

Anytime you want to unlock, just press the HOME key. And faceID will recognize you and unlock the screen for you.

Hey Siri… wait… I can press the Hey Siri button too. Instead of talking to my iPad.

The keyboard keypads are correct size, very nice to lay your hands on the hand rest area. One big thing that I don’t like about Apple Smart Keyboard is it is not so “Apple”. This Brydge Keyboard is so “Apple” alike. The feeling of typing the keys are so familiar.

Now, I think I can finally use iPad as my main “laptop” device. Hahahaha may be.

But one problem though. It weight as much as your iPad Pro. So, the weight is one problem. But to me, it should be fine.

How much is it?

Well, you know la, what ever Apple Accessories Apple comes up with is not cheap. So, the copy cats will also trying to ride on this and charge may be 20-30% cheaper than the Apple made one. Hahahahahaha


1. Feels good.

2. Useful keys.

3. Feels right.

4. Feels Apple.

5. Feels like laptop.


1. A bit heavy.

2. May be a bit pricy.

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