Photography & Kids

Date:  May 19, 2019

Cannot emphasise enough.

Photography is a good skill.

Parents should encourage kids to learn proper photography.

I am not saying that iPhone or Smartphone or Huawei not good.

But just look at the size of the sensor, you should know which type of camera (Smartphone or Mirrorless/DSLR) can take good photos.

Photos are for memory.

Try let kids use good camera from young so that they can differentiate good and bad photos.


You and me know what is good photo and what is not good photo.  Just look at what I have for memory.  These old photos probably taken from a shoot and throw Kodak film camera.  Cannot see previews, and have to take it as it is.  You know at that time, the film camera comes in 12, 24 or 36 films.  Unlike today, you can take hundreds of photos of an subject and choose the best one.


Taking photos is fun for kids.

Learn the proper way.  Of course, I am no expert, but I can look up Youtube and teach the kids a few tricks.  I myself also learning too.


But today’s topic is…

What do you do with those photos taken by the kids?

I would like to share what I do with my kids.

Step 1.  Kids, later go home, upload all your photos to the Photo app, and then edit those photo to look good.

Step 2.  Then, upload it to the Share Photo Album.  Like this one.  An album created by Kay, and for family members to comment or like or unlike.  (On IOS, MacOS platform).


This is a great sharing tool.

Of course, if they want to share it to their friends via Facebook or Instagram is up to them ya.  But for us, I asked them to share it here in iCloud.


Then, you can make all kinds of comment as you wish.


If you like the photo, make sure you give a like!


If you wish to comment and teach, always give comment.  Make them learn to accept criticism.


They sometime do produce some nice work.


That is how you continue to motivate them to take photos.


I think this is how to make them improve too.


The more comment, the more merrier.


Of course, you also need to share out your photos to them too.

Screenshot 2019-05-20 at 6.08.49 PM.png


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