SG Digital Wonderland – I Like to Play Chess

Date:  May 18, 2019

This is the 2 days event.  May 18 & 19, 2019 at Suntec.

Lot’s of things to see.  Bring the kids.


All the games, event, need to queue up, register from the App.  Take a look at this popular one, walau eh, all fully booked for May 18.


So, remember to download the app, and book the timing first before you go.


Lot’s of exhibition of robotics, STEM toys.

But they are not sold in Singapore yet.  Looking for distributor.


Then, there are sort of competitions on projects done by various university graduates, from many countries.

One of the most intriguing thing caught our eyes is… this.

The SquareOff automated Chess board.  Can play with computer, or another player in another country or location, etc.


It is an amazing toy or gadget.

Of course, the sales girl there also looks pretty cute and must show my sons how cute girls look like mah.  hahaha

So, we spent some time here playing chess.

But it is quite responsive.

I also don’t know who’s winning, but the gadget looks very impressive.

Just Amazon it.  Wah, no stock, prices are different too.  A glance I saw US$499.  Ask the girl how much they are selling?  They said SGD$450.  And ask for the stock status?  Well, she said could be 6 months.  hahahahaha

So, better google the real website of the one who created this, and it is cheaper, but they don’t ship to Singapore.  So, have to transit.


She says can buy the chess set locally here.


Ah… the Smart Egg. I bought the kickstarter.  But was crappy.

This is also Singapore creation.  Actually, sounds like Hong Kong or China Chinese who setup company in Singapore and do the Kickstarter from Singapore.


So, I asked for a demo.  And asked what version is this?  They said this is the 3rd revision.  And the demo looks impressive.  So, getting it.  🙂  You can get from Lazada or their shop directly.

I will compare this to my Logitech.  Give Singapore product a second chance ya.


When you talk about IT, gadgets, digital, you know you will attract a lot of parents ya.  So many people.

Got free food free drinks every where.  Just need to line up.

Coffee station has the most queue.


You know kids love it la.  Let the queue.


While you stop by each project station by each university.  See their winning innovation projects.  They are just graduated from their university ya.  Give them a chance ya.  Liek this one form HKU.

They video and analyze the posture.


Trying to give some “marks” for each posture you post.  So, the student were posting a very awkward golf swing position, but the system says 99.99% good golf posture… Then, I go ask, you guys play golf?  Students say No and why?  They say they consulted golfers.  So, I told them, well, the demo match your 99.99% good posture score, but in real life, you don’t swing like that.. hahahahaha

So, you know la.  Don’t give too much expectation.  But it is good and brave for them to present liao.


Another one we see.


Or, use Arduino to control watering system.  Oh… I see.

Then, you get to vote which project is the best.


A lot of educators are there too.  Those who are there, of course, will market a lot of June STEM activities, summer camp.  All the same thing la.

I still going to send my kids to The Lab @ Katong V even though they are not there.  hahaha  More advanced mah.  Of course got junior starter classes too.


AWS is there too.

I told her, we have 4x Alexa at home.  Controlling TV, Apple TV, Aircon, Lights.


And they love POP corns.  Alexa, make 2 ounc of pop corns.


Wait a minute.  That’s …

Amazon Basics microwave?  Smart Microwave.

Not available in Singapore.


Roti plata machine.  Really make Roti Plata.  But not oily one leh.  They also never give us to try.  Dont know why.


But I walked away after I hear the price tag of $1300+.  You got to be kidding me.  Household product for making 1 product cost that much?


This is interesting.  Send your saliva to them, and they tell you how healthy or not healthy you are.  With a price tag of course.


Means, no need to go do medical checkup??


Lot’s of IoT stuff.

Lot’s of STEM educators, enrichment classes.

Lot’s of VR Virtual Reality.

We spent 2 hours there without knowing.  Wow.




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