Toys – Rubber Band Guns – Made in SG

Date:  Aug 19, 2019

Always support things made in Singapore.  May not be invented in Singapore, but all handcrafted in Singapore.  Good enough.

I saw this in Suntec exhibition hall.  It is a pop up shop.

Very interesting.

They sell guns.

Rubber band guns.


Rubber band gun is a toy gun that can shoot rubber band.

But what caught our eyes are it is automated?  Can shoot multiple rubber band continuously.  Sure??

See it for yourself.

They even conduct workshop for kids or adults.  Each about $65 per pax.  A group of 5.  They will teach you how to make the rubber band gun.  2 hours plus.


Let’s put the gun into test.


Oh, there is a name.  It is automated gun too.  Can pre-load 5 rubber bands.


Impressive.  They also make the small little target for us to shoot at.  They sell that too.

This is Kay’s.  Also can load up to 5 rubber bands.


Let’s make Kay shoot from even far far away.  See what happens… He miss all the target.

So, in summary.

It is fun.  It is not a toy from Toy’R’Us.  It is hand made.  It is made in Singapore.

If you shoot very near, very pain.

If you shoot from far, harmless.

But it is fun.

And I also bought myself one.  Mine is long range one.  muahahahahahaha


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