Monthly Competition @ Da Vinci Python Lab at Suntec

Date:  June 3, 2018

This month, Kay Kay teamed up with Astrophd and beat his brother Jay Jay’s team in the final round.


This is the monthly member’s competition held by Da Vinci Innovation Lab.  The instructors will randomly team up the students to compete with each others.

This week competition project is 6-pin Bowling.  Well, it is actually 6 plastic cups bowling.  You need to build the robot, that can throw a “cargo” blocks to hit the 6 plastic cup.  You threw 2 cargo blocks at one location, then, move to another location and throw another 2 cargo blocks.  Not only you need to design your robotic arms holder, precision is also another aspect of the programming.

During the designing, programming and testing phase… Kay and his teammate working on their robot.

At the other corner, Jay is also testing his robot.

In Da Vinci Innovation lab, the kids uses the EV3 to build their robot, but in terms of programming, they make use of Blocky + Python to interface with the EV3.  This is a bit different from the usual Lego robotics classes out there.

The course is actually modal against a real university Python computing course, but re-designed for younger kids using visual programming such as Blocky to write python codes to interface with the robot.

As Singapore is moving towards a Smart Nation country, it is important for kids to learn computer programming at young age.  And of course, learning the EV3 programming is not enough, soon, they are going to learn Python from school, so, why not let them learn Robotics + Python using the Visual programming Blocky interface.  Easy to program, easy to learn the programming concept too.


My younger son, Kay Kay is only P3 this year.  And he had already passed the BASIC Python I, and BASIC Python II course.  He is now in the middle of his Intermediate Python I course.  His brother is going to present his Intermediate Python I final project Next Sunday 3pm @ Da Vinci Innovation Lab.


After 1.5 hours of design and testing, it is time to compete.  This is Round 1 for Kay’s team.  And they scored 6 points from 4 shots at 2 locations.

Meanwhile, Jay is seeking for his 4th back to back champion.  The last one (3rd champion) he partnered his brother Kay Kay.


OK, it is Jay’s turn.

His robot is OK.  First 2 shots grabbed 6 points already.  But notice how he “pushed” his robot, and “derails” it… hahahaha the robot move to the second target location, but because of the slightly harder movement pushed the targeting a bit off.  And the last two shots is shooting air.  So, they got 6 points too.

The rest of the teams scores lower than 6 points.  So, we now have a face off between Jay’s team and Kay’s team.  Hahahahaha This is the 2nd time they been into this situation.  2 months ago, Kay also almost win his brother.

This time, can his team win?

Now, round #2 which is the face off round.

Somehow, Jay’s target is a bit off in the first 2 throws.  Scored only 3 points.

And it seems there are some mis-communications between him and his teammates.

So, the robot when it goes to the second target shooting site, it is far away form the green line.  Hmmm… As expected, the final two shots didn’t get any points because the throw were too light, and the cargo failed to reach the cups.

Now, it is Kay’s team turn.

WOW… they almost make a huge mistake.

Luckily Kay Kay pointed out that the starting point is the other side, not the left side.  Hahahahahahahahahaha Well done Kay Kay!

Of course, they learned from Jay’s mistake, everything has to be precise.  So, the first shot is very CRUCIAL!!!!  So, aiming is very important.

They got 5 points on the first throw.  And they knew they won already.  Hahaha.. and they knew their second throw is not going to work too.  hahahahaha

So happy.


I think he is a bit sad.  But I told him…

  1.  Don’t be too over confident.  So, every aiming is about precision, and have to be patient.
  2. This is purely based on luck.  Their 2nd location is going the right place, but notice the paper below is moving, so, it can have error, due to uncontrolled environment.
  3. The robot sometimes get stuck because of the bluetooth or Wifi, etc.  So, when you push the cart, don’t push too hard. Otherwise, they could have win the title on first run.


And the winner is….

Please sign your name on the cert.  hahaha


Now, he won 2nd month in a roll.  So, next month, you will see him coming back and see if he can win.  hahaha…


Congratulation Kay!!!

DSCF3599 2.jpg

Basically, I am sending both Jay and Kay to the daily 2.5 hours class in Da Vinci Innovation Lab.  If you don’t know how they charge, they are charging like gym.  You buy a membership for 3 months, then, you can sent 4 days a month or 30 days a month.  Same price.  That is why I like about it, if you sent more times, the more cheaper it is, the more faster they can completed the course.

And they also provide the certs and testimonial if your kids is in PSLE year.  There are some secondary school uses Coding, Programming or Robotics as DSA.



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