Gadget – Life Print

Date:  May 28, 2018

I bought this from Kickstarter almost 1-2 years ago.  Only yesterday, I opened it.

It is a 2×3 printer.


Wait… it is a Photo & Video Printer.  for iPhone.

And yes, you didn’t see it wrong.  “Video” Printer.  What is a video printer?

Btw, now you can get this from Apple Store.  They also have a 3×4 version.


It uses the Zink Paper.  I am sure this is the same as the other normal Zink paper.


You can download the Life Print app from the App Store.  Let’s select a Video to print.

Very simple to use.  At the middle, is the video scanner.


Select the frame to print.  And viola, it is just like the normal printer.  It printed out as a paper.


Here is a quick demo on how it works.  I printed a “video” photo.  Just scan the photo using the photo scanner of the Life Print App.  And then it detected the photo, and it will know it is a photo and it will play the video.  WOW!  That is great right?????

OK.. That’s cool.  Of course, I tested it without 4G and without WiFi, it does not works.

That means, it has stored your file some where in the internet cloud.  Every time you scan the photo, it will go to the cloud and fetch that photo.  So, where exactly the photos is stored at?  Hmmm… that is the interesting question to ask.

OK, as long as it is an image that is encoded by Life Print printer, even if you use your camera to take the picture of the hard copy photo (printed using Life Print on a Zink Paper)… It still works.  Now, that is cool.

It is a very innovative invention.

And the Zink Paper I bought is the sticky type, you can stick this on the wall.  🙂


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