Kid’s Luck @ Time Zone

Date:  June 4, 2017

Wow, June 4 is a great day.  It is the same day I started to work full time in Singapore… Errr.. 21 years ago @ Pacific Internet.

It was June 4, 2017 where I brought the kids to Time Zone @ West Gate mall.

Well, my domestic helper is back to Philippines holidaying.  My wife is in Houston having meetings.

“Houston, do we have a problem?”  Well, I guess not.  Jay will wash cloths, dry cloths, feed the cat, clean the cat poo poo, feed the fish, water the plans, juice the fruits, etc.  As for me, I clean the house, mob the floors.. etc.


But most importantly, I feed the kids.

So, I bring them to West Gate mall to play and eat.

Look, I wonder why #3 is missing…. ? ? ? ?


It is not missing.

IMG_9162 2.jpg

Because, Jay is the one who play the game, and push down this gift.


When you get lucky, I guess you can be very lucky.

They actually won a “iPhone X (64Gb)”


Just to give you an idea how much points you need to earn to get this gift.

As of today, we have played almost a year, and combine 3 cards, we bearly accumulated slightly more than 20,000 points.  🙂

And this Jay just press the button at the right timing, right time, right place, right strength, right spot… and it kena the jackpot.


The process…

  1. Bring the box to the counter.
  2. Counter staffs all “SHOCK” and feel “SHIOK”.  Seems, they have never seen any one win this before.  So, they don’t know what to do.
  3. Finally, a more senior staff came out and carry out the process.
  4. She asked for the card, that win the price.
  5. She printed out the card transactions logs.  As a proof that he used that card to win the price.
  6. She asked us to fill in a form.  She asked for my IC.
  7. She then walk to the game machine there, open the game.  And use the camera to take the photo of the game logs there.
  8. She then press and press for few pages of game logs and then, keep as proof.
  9. She then asked all of us, me, Jay and Kay to hold the winner box and take photo beside the machine.
  10. She then said, wait for 1-2 weeks, the office staff will call us and asked us to come and pick up the iPhone X.


OK, after the game, immediately, I taught Jay something.

  1. It is pure luck that he got this.
  2. I suggest him NOT TO PLAY THIS GAME and get obsess with it.  Because that is how addiction comes in.
  3. “I can do it again!!!” is a wrong attitude to have.  And I caution him and Kay not to be hooked by this game.
  4. I told him that the counter staff all have not seen anyone win this big prize before.
  5. Judging from the aunties and uncles there, praising their “luck”. I managed to convinced them that “Luck” has all to do with it.

Congratulations to Jay.  You just upgraded your phone to iPhone X.  hahaha


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