Miniblog: Shorty Basketball

Date:  Apr 21, 2018

He is very picky on what he eats and what he drinks.

As a result, small build, a bit fall short in heights.  Unlike his brother who put everything into his stomach.

I think not enough nutrients, not enough food to make him big and tall.


OK, last few weeks, just before he went to the Taekwondo class at Millenia Walk, there is this basketball hood at the TripleFit gym there where some of his classmates from Taekwondo class will throw the basketball there.


For many many weeks, he has been trying to throw the ball.

And unfortunately, all the balls went under the hood.  Way under the hood.


Bear in mind, the basketball ring for primary school is 2.6 meters.  Because it is mini-basketball court.  But the one at the TripleFit is the standard NBA basketball ring/hood.  Which is 3 meters (10 foot).

So, you can imagine very hard for him to throw the ball into the net.

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 10.45.05 AM.png

Just as he about to lose all the confidence, daddy comes to help.

Daddy, who is not a basketball player, who has quite lots of experience throwing basketball at the arcade centre 🙂  come to rescue his younger son so to rebuild his confidence in sport.

  1. First, must learn how to throw the ball with only 1 hand.  The right hand (the main hand).  You can do a two hands throw, but how to balance the strength of both hands is a challenge.
  2. The other hand is to hold the ball so that the ball won’t fell off your main hand.
  3. Throwing the ball is like throwing a punch in Taekwondo.  Throw the punch to the sky.  But open your palm.  Punch hard generates more power.  Punch soft generates more control.
  4. 45 degree of a punch generates the maximum distance of the throw.
  5. Flick your finger on the ball after the punch will make the ball spin a little.
  6. For shorty, kneel down a little and jump up.  Just like a frog or a toad.  欧阳锋的蛤蟆功.
  7. Lastly, put all these concepts into work.

So, after a few throws.  He managed for the first time in his history throwing a basketball into a 3 meters tall basketball hood (NBA standard).

And below video is him repeating his success, and throw another ball into the 3 meters tall basketball hood.

He is happy.

He is confident.

He has done the impossible thing he thought he cannot do forever.

Parenting needs patience.

Observing what he lacks.

Improvise with multiple solutions.

Practise bit by bid.  Divide and conquer.

And never give up.

So, those will be the great qualities the kids have to learn.

And sometimes, when they have successfully executed it, their fear will be gone.

Remember, practice makes perfect.

On the same day, earlier session, I also taught Jay the same method, and finally, his ball is not thrown up and perpendicularly comes down towards his face.

I always felt fun teaching my kids.

It is just like experiment.

Glad that it is a successful experiment.

April 15, 2018 is the day where Kay Liew successfully thrown 2 balls into a 3 meters tall basketball hood.  Bravo Kay!

[update April 21, 2018] A week later, on the same time slot, Kay Kay was playing with his Taekwondo friend Clarence, and he managed to enter 7 basketball into the ring.  Yoohoo….

And by the way, I also managed to capture a nice video of Jay Jay hitting the shots.

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