Kickstarter Zero-Gravity Upright Posture Cushion

Date:  Jan 13, 2018

I received a big box delivery.  It is from Korea.  But the box is quite light.  What is it?


It’s Zero-Gravity Upright Posture Cushion.  I bought two.  One for Jay.  One for Ash.


This one is a picture will explain the thousands words.

So, Jay didn’t know what I have for him.

So, I asked him to sit down to read the book as per normal.

And this is what I photographed.


Then, I place the Zero-Gravity Upright Posture Cushion for him to sit.  And I ask him to sit as per normal what he did 1 minute ago.  So, he sat down.  And I quickly take a photo.

As you can see, magically, his back is straighten.

I have no idea what is the black magic behind this,  But I think it is something to do with Science.


I repeat the experiment.  With Kay.


And again.  Same thing.


I did the same to my wife, and another friend.  And the cushion will always make the back upright.  It is indeed a very interesting product.

Here is their Kickstarter video.

If you need one, I am not sure where you can get it.  May be try google and see?



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