Competition Sparring Class (2)

Date:  Jan 20, 2018

These are some of the videos captured on the 2nd day lesson for the competition sparring class.

Wow, don’t play play.  Although Kay looks very small size.  But he can be quick and lethal.    (not so dangerous la) Hahaha.

This week, I finally make it back 20 minutes earlier to see Jay fight.


This week, he learned a new technique.  Quick push only one time follow by the kick.

But Jay seems to use this right leg to kick almost 80% of the time.  May be should try other style of kicking?  hahaha

The coach has the come in and tell him not to push kick without a target.  hahaha But I think when he kick, can be powerful, and painful.  So, the other kids need to withstand this force.

After the coach pet talk.. the stands is with much agility.

Yeah, I think the other kid use his hand to block Jay’s kick, might feel bit of pain.  haha

Actually this is not a fair fight.  In terms of weight, I think Jay looks much more heavier.

Speaking about Weight.  Jay is 3 kg over weight of the competition limit.  (needs to be 56kg for 12 years old).  So, he couldn’t enter the competition.  So, he will become sparring partner for these kids la.  haha

Only after 2 lessons, I felt they have learn a lot.

Mean while, for the younger kids division, Kay Kay is fighting his life there.  hahaha

Oh dear, Kay’s kick accidentally the back of his leg (without protection).  And brought him down to the ground.


He has to apologise and stand there to watch, and express concerns.


Joining the competition sparring class is a good thing.  Finally, they are taught how to handle situations in the real life sparring/fighting.  Instead of keep throwing punches and kicks without a target, they are taught how to handle the situation and identify how you want to kick and punch.  That increase their agility.  And mind of fight.

My wife was afraid they get blue black a lot.  But I think this is the way it should be.

It was a busy day.  Jay has to attend 3 our of 4 of the pre-grading seminars at 6-7pm time slot.  He will be grading for 2nd Poom going into 3rd Poom early February.  (Finally, after two years of training).  So, every Saturday and Sunday, he will be attending this.

There will be only 4 students taking the 2nd Poom grading.  All girls except Jay.  hahaha

Here, they need to learn how to handle bad people with a knife.  Jay is holding a knife in his hand, and see how the girl chop his arm and force him let go of the knife.  haha Fun!


And he reunite with some of his old classmates in the past.  Really long time never see them training together.  hahaha


Well done to both of them.



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