Competition Sparring Class

Date:  Jan 13, 2018

For the next 6 weeks, they have to wake up early on Saturday morning.  8:30-10am.

They are attending competition sparring training class.


The instructor asking Kay to join the Koko Krunch Junior Taekwondo Competition Sparring.  So, I signed up both the kids.

So that Jay Jay also can experience and learn how to do contact sparring.  Ya, all the while STF grade them on contact-less sparring, so when they go outside, the might not know how to fight.

Jay is > 38KG.  So, He is out of the league.  Unless he can slim down by 2.5kg in 1.5 months time.  Which I pretty much doubt it.  As this is kind of self-disciplins.


There they go.


I like!  They really fight.  I guess this will be good for the reservist in army next time.

I didn’t know Kay can kick like that.

OK la.  Let them have fun on Saturday.  I know, Jay is PSLE year.  But this is for good health.



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