Updates – How the Kids Did For Their Exams

Date:  Nov 16, 2017

Few weeks ago, I wrote a blog entry on how I successfully trained my kids to be self-reliance and self-study using online tools such as

  1.        Super Star Teacher (https://www.superstarteacher.com.sg)
  2.        E-知识 (https://www.ezhishi.net/Contents/index.html

See blog entry on Nov 1, 2017:  https://miniliew.org/2017/11/01/kids-vs-sa2-exam-2017/

Yesterday, all their report cards came back.  Let’s see how they did.

From their happy face, you know they did well!  And I am actually extremely very proud of both of them.


For Jay, he scores A for Math and Science.  And maintain B for English and Chinese.  Especially for his English, he finished 100% of the online teaching videos from Superstar teacher, and hence he improved almost 20 raw points in his SA2 from SA1.

He also did OK in his Chinese and Science.

The only subject that slipped is his Mathematics.  Due to over confident and did not spent time to expose himself to all kinds of questions, he actually drops about 6 points in his math.  Luckily, he still can get an A.


Kay Kay finished 100% for both his English and Math learning videos on Superstar teacher.  That is why he scores straight A’s for both subject.  As for Chinese, he also get an A for it.


After seeing their results.

  1. Jay has truly understood the idea of “The more time you spent, the better results you will get.”
  2. Jay also learned that he needs to expose himself to almost all kinds of questions so that he would be familiar with the questions next time.
  3. Kay also learned why it is useful to look at all those videos form Superstar teacher, because it is a revision for them.


As for me, I am very happy with their results.  Because these marks truly reflects their own efforts.  These are the marks they get for themselves.  I have make a very bold move by guiding Kay Kay to do self-learning.  And he has done extremely well.

If you made them do their own work, be prepare to lower down all expectations.  You cannot expect them to get high A’s.  Because they need to figure out how they can improve their results.


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