Kickstarter – Manta Sleep

Date:  Oct 19, 2017

I love Kickstarter.  hahaha

This is the Modular Sleep Mask from Manta Sleep.

Nice packaging.


So, it is an eye mask.

You can take a quick nap with it, and it should block 100% lights.  You can bring it up to an airplane.  It is light, and comfortable.


It looks bulky at first, but it is not.  It’s light.


The trick is here.  These two oval shape eye pieces.  You can move it.  Because every person, their eyes orientation is different.  So, these eye piece pad can be moved to adjust to your face and eyes.


Here are some of the specs.


Usage Instruction.


Interestingly soft.


It also comes with this.  So that when you sweat a lot and you want to wash your Manta Eye Mask, you just put it in there, and then, wash it together in a washing machine.


I tested it for a 30 minutes massage chair sessions.  And it blocks the bright lights, it is comfortable.  My eye lids can still open and close.  The eye pieces are placed exactly according to my eye to eye distant.  And I had a nice 30min massage session.  Cool.


I recommend it.  🙂




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