Rubik’s Cube Lesson

Date:  Oct 18, 2017


This is a Rubik’s cube.

This is how I teach my son.

  1. Learn how to solve it.  There are formulas that can help you.  But at least you must solve the white face using your own efforts without formula.  So, I teach them how to see each white cube, and how to find another to pair it with this white cube.  In real life, there are many tools you can make use of to solve one’s problem, but too rely on the tools can make you forgot how to solve problem.
  2. Sometimes, you want to solve it fast.  But you can’t and you tears drop.  The greatest thing of Rubik’s cube is to be able to solve it.  Not to time how fast you can solve it.    The possibilities of ways to solve it is too great.  So, don’t feel sad when you are slower.  Feel good when you can solve it anytime.  Important thing is to have fun.
  3. I asked Jay to come up with a method to use Lego Mindstorms to solve the cube.  Jay hesitate.  It is indeed a big project.  So, I told him actually, I changed my mind.  I want him to build a Lego Mindstorms to scramble the cube.  Based on random number to turn each time.  Wouldn’t it easier to build such project instead of asking him to build a solver?  There, you have fun again in building this.  Let’s see what he come up with.

Some thoughts…

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