Jay can Cook – Happy Good Friday Eggs

Date:  Apr 14, 2017

Whenever he got a chance, he will wake up and cook eggs for the family.

I caught him trying to cut some Onion rings and I asked what he wants to do…

He said, onion ring eggs.

He is going to use this French butter.


Mix the French butter with Japanese cheese and eggs.


First he needs some onion rings.


Then, he uses his small little beater to beat the eggs with pepper and salt.

Heat the wok with slow fire.  Put the onion rings on it.  Slow cook.


Then, he pours the eggs into the onion rings.

Distribute it, so that the eggs is cooked at the same time for all the onion rings.


Then pour more eggs on each onion rings.

Cover the eggs for 1-2 min.


Then, place the Japanese Cheese on it.

Scope the French butter and put on it.

Looks sinful with so much butter and cheese.  Presentation not so nice.


So I teach him the most basic skill of cooking.  Be able to decorate it and make it look nice.  So, since we have red beans, I suggested may be scope the red bean on top of it.

Cover it again, and wait for it to slow cooked.

Mean while, let’s do scramble egg.  He needs some more eggs.

It is done!  Clean up a bit and it should look nice!

I teach him how… those eggs spilled outside, straight away put inside your mouth, and 毁尸灭迹.


Now back to the scrambled eggs.

Again, full of butter, cheese and onions…


Cover it for a while.  slow fire.


Now, presentation time.


OK, back to the scrambled eggs.  He scrambles the eggs slowly, in slow motion.  Make sure the liquid eggs are in contact with the hot pan surface slowly.

Be patient and slowly scrambles it.

Almost done!


Last job… place the red beans in the plate.

Almost done.


This is mine!  Looks lovely!

The biscuits is to be eaten together with the scrambled eggs.


Taste yummy too!  Look at the eggs in the onion ring, not over cooked.  Just nice.


Wonderful!  Thank you Jay for your Good Friday Breakfast Eggs.


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