What Crab is this?

Date:  Jan 13, 2017

Just now I was at Medi-Ya super market.

One aunty in front of me pull out this frozen packet from the frozen area.

It is a Frozen Cooked Whole Crab.

It is a brown crab.

The size is big.


It is quite a big crab.  So, we steam it.


And it is a UK (United Kingdom) wild crab.  It was laughed by traps in North Sea and around West Scotland area.

So, it is a UK product sold in a Japanese supermarket.

Check it out… the production date is Nov 26, 2015.  So, we are eating a one plus year old frozen crab (since cooked time).  And must used by Nov 26, 2017.


OK.  So, what so special about this crab?

Let’s check it out.

Check out the eggs.

Wow… so much… There are a lot of eggs…


Dig some more still the crab eggs…


My wife is happy eating it with the vinegar (from Setiawan) plus chili padi.


And why so special again?

Because it is only SGD$7.80 for a crab.

I have no idea why it is sold so cheap.

May be they label or price it wrongly?  Hahahaha


So interesting…


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