Jimu Robot

Date:  Dec 26, 2016

Jay Jay received his first Jimu robot for his Christmas.


This is a self assembled robot that can be program using iPad.


There are some part that you might be able to interface with Lego bricks too.


Assembly instructions are available on iPad (or Android Pad).


The assembly is quick.  The instruction is simple.


These are the servo motor.  Later we found that these servos are so powerful.


The key idea is you get to program and control it using your iPhone or iPad.


So, when you get familiarise with it, you can design your own robots and programs its move.


This is the robot Jay Jay has to build.


Let’s begin the construction.

Aiya… he forgot to charge the control unit.


But the body is ready.  See how easy to build it…


And it suppose to have a head.  (which is the control unit)


And it is all done.  As I said, the servos looks pretty powerful and impressive.

Let’s check out what it can do…

Happy Face…

Check out the dane moves…

The government wants a smart nation.  And these will be the future engineers for the smart nation.

Training kids in programming is not easy, and not trivial.  You need to build their interest, you need to slowly expose them bit by bit.

Jay has been watching “How It’s Made” TV series since young.  So, he is very interested in how things work.

Jay has been exposed to Sci-Fi show since very young.  After watching the latest “Thunderbirds are Go” cartoon, he started to questions… “Is it true there is a lost kingdom?” “Does the Atlantis invented the first computer?”

Jay has been doing Lego Mindstorms robotics since 4 years ago…

Jay has program his own games on Scratch.Mit.Edu

Jay has just learned how to program in Swift language.

Jay and I build the Retro gaming table.  And he was exposed to Raspberry Pi, Arduino electronics too.

He might not necessary be good in his school results with all these distractions, but I am 100% sure that he is on the right track.  As I always believe, you do not need to score high marks in school work in order to be smart.

Here is my experience of study and I intended to train my boys this way…

I failed my Calculus in my high school years, because I devoted 80% of my time to my Drama club.

But when I went to Canada and study the grade 13, what I learned (although I failed the subjects and almost fails others) in Foon Yew High School is enough for me to score top points in Grade 13.

When I went to University in Canada some 20 years ago… I cruise thru the first 3 years, because of what ever I have learned from my high school.

But when it comes to fourth and fifth year, I started to have problems.  Most of the exam are OPEN BOOK.  means, you can bring any book you like to exams.  Comparing to my classmates (from Canada), they excel in the last two years.

That is because in Asia, we are taught to remember formulas.  We are not train from young to solve problems.  We are trained to do past years papers.  When we see a new type of problem, we can’t solve it simply because we have not encounter these sort of problems before.  Where as the students in Canadian systems were given all the flexibility, and creativity to think and solve problem from young.  So, it become their second nature, in solving real life problem.  So, when they enter the fourth and fifth years, they score quite well in these open exams.

That makes me think about a lot a lot of things.  And it changes my way of study during the university.  So, for Jay and Kay, I will use these sort of method to train them since young.  And I am seeing huge results now.

Load them up with all sort of things.  See where is their interest.  Make sure they are physically up to it.  And they feel happy about every thing.  Only with a happy mind you can learn things.

And Kay Kay is exactly following his brother foot steps.

Have fun my boys.



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