Kay & His Taekwondo Poom Belt

Date:  Dec 5, 2016

Kay went to learn Taekwondo when he was K1.


He is not like his brother, Jay.  He body is much smaller build.  Not more than 24kg.  His height is below 120cm.

But he mix around with friends – no problem.


Today is his change belt ceremony day.  The Taekwondo school principal at J.H.Kim was very proud of his students.  He was explaining to the students that their Taekwondo Poom Belt certificate will be signed by Master J.H.Kim himself and returned back to the students by week of April 1, 2017.  Master Kim will visit the school on April 1.


There are 22 students getting their Poom belt or 2nd Poom or Black Belt today.


If you are below 15 years old, and when you passed the Taekwondo grading graded by people from STF (Singapore Taekwondo Federation), then, you will get a Poom Belt (a.k.a Junior Black Belt).  Only when you reach 15 years old, then, you can fill in a form to convert the Poom Belt into Black Belt which is recognised world wide.

So, what’s next?  Another 1 year to get a 1st Poom.  Then follow by another 2-years to get a 2nd Poom.  Which can be converted to first dan / second dan after 15 years old.


Finally, that moment has come.

Kay Kay received his Poom belt.

This is also the proud moment for the parents too.  🙂

Our son has grown up so much!


The last batch of the year 2016.


Now, we got two body guards at home.


He does almost every thing his brother does (except for Golf, have not started Kay Kay yet).  That is why Sibling is important in the family.  🙂


We let them learn Taekwondo because we want the kid to 1) know how to self defence when in danger, 2) learn to respect elders, teachers, adults and others, 3) keep fit.

I think letting the kids learn Taekwondo at young age has lots of benefit.  Those valuable lessons learned during the 1-to-1 sparring and self defence classes are especially important In my opinion.


And of course, one last thing that I have taught both of them while driving home…

“Next time, when you are free during school holidays, you can go to some Taekwondo school and apply for a teaching assistant position, and you can earn some money from it.  So, it is a useful skill.  It is just like swimming, you can also do a assistant coach in swimming lesson, or even badminton”.

So, that is one more thing you teach the kids.  To earn their money and support themselves, and to be independent.  🙂



  1. “Another 1 year to get a 1st Poom. Then follow by another 2-years to get a 2nd Poom.” <– isn't poom belt the 1st poom already? Do u mean another year to get 2nd poom?

    • ya, I also think I wrote wrong… once you get the first poom, then, you need 1 year to get the second poom, then, after second poom, you need 2 years to get third poom… my younger boy stopped at 2nd poom, and my elder stopped at 3rd poom…

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