Pokemon Fun – Completed Pokedex

Date:  Nov 5, 2016

After a few days of miserable Only-Can-Catch-Ghost-Type-Pokemons Halloween period, we finally got back to the routine, catching non-ghost type Pokemon.

We are using Tutuapp to install a spoof-GPS version of Pokemon Go!  Since i have completed 141 pokedex and I don’t see I am going to fly to these places to catch the regional pokemons, so, I installed the GPS-spoof Pokemon Go!  Out of curiosity, you want to see how is it look like when you catch all 145 Pokemon.  🙂


Hey, I am in Hong Kong.  Spotted Farfetched.


After trying for few times, I finally catch it.

It is by far, the hardest catch.  hahaha since I am there, let’s catch more.


So, I end up with 6 Farfetched.


Since I am there, let’s name all the Farfetched to my children and their friends name.  hahaha


Next, let’s go to London to catch our last regional Pokemon.

Mr. Mime.


And Kay caught one!

Hello Mr. Mime.


I seen 11, and caught 11.


Same, I caught the strongest CP 1219, and it is mine.


So, combine with the two I caught 2 weeks ago… In San Francisco…



Caught many.  It is the easiest to catch.


In Australia…


Also caught a fair bit.  I actually went back to Sydney to catch the extra one.


So, after catching these four, we have the complete Pokedex (except the legendary one and Mew / Mew2 as well as Ditto).

Here is the complete list.






And that completed our Pokemon Journey.


Here is my last comment about Pokemon.

  1. It is a very good game.  Refreshing.
  2. It is also quite dangerous especially for kids.  Easy to get addicted.
  3. When I said “dangerous” I actually mean physically, and not only for kids, for adult too.  i.e. run without looking at the traffic to catch Pokemon.  i.e. drive the car and catch Pokemon.  I see some people do that.  Very dangerous.
  4. It is like drug addiction.  Once you hook on it, it is hard to get it off.  And the dangerous part is kids will not understand what is “addiction” and easy become emotionally affected by it.  HaHaHa…
  5. I actually used full own efforts and catch 141 Pokemon.  But you spent a lot of money to buy.  So, it can be worst then Gambling addiction.
  6. After you completed 141 Pokedex, you asked yourself, does Niantic gave you a price?  Nope!  So, why you catch it?
  7. I actually used these “addiction” mechanics to teach my two sons a very good lesson. And make sure they do not get addicted by understanding what is addiction.
  8. To solve all these, I downloaded (pay $$ too) the GPS spoof version of Pokemon, and install it onto all the iPads and iPhones for the kids.
  9. Let them enjoy the fun of catching the complete Pokedex FAST.  Yes, FAST!  Once you caught them all, you will be “satisfy” and go back the normal routine.  And this also allow them to catch the regional Pokemon.  Not only, they are catching the Pokemon at home, but they enjoy all the companies they have in the bed room.  hahahaha Imagine, 4 kids, running around Changi Village.  You will end up trying to catch the kids instead of Pokemon.  Vs…. all 4 kids stay in the bed room, talk, enjoy aircon, and catch Pokemon.  They are virtually at Changi Village, and I am very sure, by know they learn more things.  They spin more Pokestops and learn all these places too.
  10. I remember when I was young, I always download the “cheat code” or “walkthrough” to complete my PC games.  Such as Final Fantasy, etc etc.  Even now, when I play the Pokemon Fire Red version (Nintendo Advanced), I also refer to the walkthrough.  Some serious player will say “cheating” but I put it the other way.  “I got study to do, and I intend to study and finish my study.  Games is not priority, but is curiosity.  So, instead of not spending too much time on Games, the walk through will help you complete the games in short time.  And I enjoy the fun playing it.”
  11. Pokemon is really… I forgot why I never got addicted to it last time.  But I am glad, if I do get addicted, I probably won’t end up here today.  May be too addicted to play games and forgot to study, and failed all the exam, and … hahaha you can imagine…


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