Half Marathon Night Relay in the City

Date:  Sep 24, 2016

Finally I have a medal for running.

ASICS City Relay

Although is a short 5.25km run, (a quarter of a 21km half marathon run relay run), I felt quite satisfy liao.


I really seldom seriously go running.

Everyday, I can walk 5km, 10km, even 20km.  But I don’t run.

If I run, at most I can only run 2km.

I did a couple of 2.5km run in Cebu, ACC event.

I did a 800 meter run together with my two kids in the Cold Storage kids run.

My last 5-6km run is the charity walk “Foon Yew High School Run/Walk” (宽中行) back in 1988.

So, what am I signing into this time.  Well, just have to say we have a very enthusiastic parent/runner in our kids play group and she came out of the idea that each family (of four) nominate a parent to run.


It is a half marathon relay run by 4 persons.  Yeap, 4 parents.


Our children are friends since LWPS may be since 6-7 years ago.  So, don’t know how and don’t know why, then, suddenly, they sign me up for this run.  So bo-pian, must run!


The name of this boat we recently hired is called the Admiral.  So, you can guess, our team name is the “Admiral” running team.  hahaha

IMG_5247 2.JPG

It’s a good thing for kids to come and support.  So that they know what is called a Marathon. By demonstrating to them, how the whole process is done.  From preparing until earning that medal.  hahaha

Hopefully when they grew up, they will want to aim for a full/half or 1/4 marathon medal too.


I was told there are a run almost every week in Singapore.  So, when they grow up, soon, they will participate some of them, because of friends.  Just like right now, because of friends, I am participating one.


So excited.  About to run.  I don’t think is a easy run for me at all.

But I promised them I will finish it with 2KM of running and 3KM of walking.  And I run and walk a few times, the timing is around 45min for a 5KM.

The other parents encouraged me and say “A lot of people walking one lah…”


To my surprise, I actually run more than walking.  And finally I got a “personal best” for 5KM.  Don’t laugh, I know it is very slow timing, but for a person who never run before, I did feel very proud of myself achieving this.  Hahahahahahahaha

One step at a time.

A small little step is a big leap for me.


The kids are having their own fun.


They prepared lots of things for the kids to play here at the National Stadium.

A blink of eyes later, Ibu Heny came back.

The kids still non-stop playing at the children area.

Uncle Ben came back…

Actually, Ashlyn’s daddy is also running in the same race with his company.

So, we have a side bet.

Our 3rd runner which is uncle Ben must come back before Ashlyn’s daddy who is the last runner in his team.  Wahahahahahaha and heng ah, we did.  And the kids were so happy, all run and chase uncle Stewart.

This is what a normal runner team would look like.  Those who run regularity.  Ashlyn’s daddy run the last leg.  Later, we compare this with our “Admiral” team.

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 5.00.04 AM.png

Our last leg finally came back.  And again the kids run with auntie Ai Loon to the finishing line.

The run started 6:30pm.  Our last runner came in 8:16pm.  Not bad la…

And we finally made it back.


We all are winners.  Really feel like winning.  hahaha


Not fast.  But finished it.  hahahaha not too bad la.

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 5.19.09 AM.png

After the run, it is time to celebrate.  And re-hydrate yourself again!


Kids have a great time together.


All taking MRT back to Suntec City to pick up the cars.  And all still having fun.


After the run, the legs start to get very sore and sour.

Checked with the kids, all sweet dreams.  Had lots of fun with their friends together.

Message to the kids today:

  1. You don’t have to run face in the race.
  2. Have the courage to participate, you already win half of the race.
  3. Once you sign up, try to complete the run.  And then, you win the other half of the race.
  4. Running is a healthy exercise but watch out your knees.  Do warm up and warm down.
  5. Drink lots of water after the run.
  6. Work hard, play hard.


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