Gadget Notes – Polaroid ZIP

Date:  Jan 21, 2016

This is the Polaroid ZIP – Mobile Photo Printer.

IMG 9626

It is marketed as “Zero Ink” printer.  There is no printer cartridge, no ink.

And the printing is very fast too.

IMG 9627

I have bought this for some time but have not got the chance to use it yet.  And this morning, Kay Kay needs to submit a photo of himself.  And my printer is out of ink.  So, I unbox the printer.  And press the power button and hold it for 4-5 seconds, it automatically pop up on my bluetooth settings.  My mobile phone is connected to the printer in less than a minute.

IMG 9628

Use another minute to download the App.

Screen Shot 2016 01 21 at 7 09 54 AM

Launch the App.  You can do quite a lot of things here.

IMG 9629

Click on Quick Print.  You can choose to print from camera or print from gallery.

IMG 9630

Choose a photo from the gallery.

IMG 9631

Some Quick Tips.

IMG 9632

Select the photos and press print.  As easy as that.

IMG 9633

Less than 30 seconds, the photo is being uploaded to the Polaroid ZIP and print instantly.

The ZINK smart sheet paper comes in a pack of 10.  So, simply put in the paper when it runs out by sliding the top cover.

Very simple design, easy to use and comes very handy.  You can even put it into your handbag.

So if you have young kids around, you might want to keep one of these.  So, you still use your iPhone or Android phone as camera, and you print out these camera using the Polaroid ZIP.

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