Date:  Jan 18, 2016

The kids love to play in the veggie garden downstairs.

IMG 9267

We grew all kinds of veggies, herbs and fruits here.

IMG 9265

You can tell from the leafs that the plants are very healthy.

IMG 9271

You will see more and more butterflies appear around here.  Because there are flowers here.  From the veggies or the fruit tree.

IMG 9268

Some sort of capsicum. 

IMG 9269

The organic lady fingers.

IMG 9270

Every time you come down you will see different plot of land being “open up”.

IMG 9273

The Compost.  Stinky.

IMG 9276

Papaya trees.

IMG 9278


IMG 9279

South Africa Leaf.

IMG 9280

A healthy drink.  It is my office drink.  Just put in the tea bags and you can drink it to lower down your cholesterol.

IMG 9318

Super Veggie – Kale.

IMG 9281

One of the purpose of this garden is to teach kids how to grow food.

IMG 9284

Not to be afraid of dirts and worms.

IMG 9287

Its harvesting time.  Time to cook these veggies.

IMG 9288

This is our little garden.  Getting big now.  Approved by Condo management.  

IMG 9290

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