Lego Robotics – Bricks Grabber

Date:  Sep 26, 2015

The key objective of today’s project is to build a robotic car that can grab as many bricks out of the black square.

A simple task, but needs the kid to come up with their imaginations.

IMG 0811

This is what Mr. Jay comes up with.  His robots come with a square arm that can embrace almost entire brick stocks in the square box.

And he will keep improving the arm grabbing mechanism.

I am glad that he has come until this stage where he can design his own bots, and make the bots solve problem.

Good thinking Jay!  

IMG 0819

Here is his robot in action.  The arm is not strong enough to hold.  but it is good enough.

Here is another run.

No wonder there are a lot of Lego books in the Toilet.

He told me that he got an idea from the Lego books.

This kid is geared for engineering path.

And I think it is a very useful course for him, so to add the “thinking skill” and “design skill” into his skill sets.

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