The Art of Speed from Playeum

Date:  Sep 24, 2015

Today is a holiday.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t do any outdoor activities because of the very unhealthy haze condition.

So, early in the morning, I read upon this new place or exhibition at the Gillman Barracks.  So, I shouted to the kids and say “Let’s go, I bring you guys to a mysterious fun place.”

(Of course they do not know what is in for them later)

IMG 0596

This is the address.  The are about 14 lots of car park space here.  it is about 100 meter before the actual place.

IMG 0735

There is a big pink elephant outside.  So, it is easy to identify.

There is also some coffee places, and some restaurant near by.  The food so so only.

IMG 0594

It is for all ages (kids age from 1 to 12).

$20 per kid.

You can do handy crafts. 

You can play with the Lego.

You can draw on the wall.

There is also a dark room for you to play with lights and shadow.

We were there 10am sharp.  Already a lot of people line up to get it.

By 10:30am, they actually stop people from going in because the whole place is full house.

Jay’s friend who come late, has to wait for at least 1 hour on the waiting list.

IMG 0597

How cool can it be?

Well it is always cool when you have Lego around.

IMG 0602

You get to build cars with Legos and wheels.

IMG 0613

And the better you design the car, the faster it goes.

IMG 0605

Oh yeah!  You get to roll the car down from this ramp.  

It will jump over a separations and then landed on the other ramp.  That is cool!

IMG 0607

The 1-3 years old can play at the corner straight ahead.

The 3-6 years old can play on the right with lots of tracks.

The dark room is that room in the middle.  Later tell you want it is.

IMG 0606

Rolls something with wheels down the track.

IMG 0614

Or you can roll your car down on the transparent canvas into a turning wheel.  That’s cool too.

IMG 0618

Now, we need to build some cars.

IMG 0630

Car #1 does not work.  Flat base with 12 wheels.  

At the center, it will change the direction.  Bad design.

It was actually designed by me.  hahahahaha

IMG 0610

Jay’s one works better.

IMG 0634

Let’s check it out.

It is fast.  But not so stable.

Let’s increase it to three rows of wheels.

IMG 0654

It was fun to do a trial and error.  Keep testing and rebuild it to a better one.

IMG 0623

Actually, the original idea came from Kay Kay.  And Kay Kay explained, he learned from the Bad Piggy games on iPad.  

And I recalled.  hahahahahaha ya, they really build very weird car.  But as long as it works.

IMG 0648

And Jay Jay adopt the same design.

And keep improving it.

IMG 0656

Let’s check it out.


Let’s try again.  And please use Slo Mo to take the video.  

It is really fun!

Look at how high it jump.  And when it landed, all the top wheels got loosen.

Let’s try again!

Again and again.

He improved it at a level that it is jumping very high up in the sky.  

But the landing part still need to improve.

Every one was amaze with what Jay has build.

This is the last run.  After may be 50+ runs?

And we gave the wheels to the kid who stick his head out from the left.

Well done!  Well done!

IMG 0666

These two girls are creative.  They can pull the car back.

IMG 0723

Of course, this is not only for building Lego cars.

IMG 0674

How about rolling these marbles into the speed tunnels?

IMG 0676

Yup, you have to build the correct tunnels with transfer of energy from Potential to Kinetic.

IMG 0701

Its all about Science.

IMG 0687

You can build a lot of arts here too.

IMG 0689

There are many recycle materials for the kids to build.  Some kid build a light sabre.  Very cool.

IMG 0690

This is what I build.

IMG 0711

Kay Kay asked if he can bring this home.

IMG 0718

Of course I say no.  I want my art piece to be displayed here.

IMG 0721

Kay build a rocket satellite.

IMG 0739

Jay build his cat toy.

IMG 0740

Don’t forget to check out the dark room.

IMG 0727

There are a lot of fun thing you can do here.

IMG 0729

With just the photo frame and hands. you can create all sort of lights effects.

IMG 0730

Well done Jay!

IMG 0731

Fun level is very high for both of them.

They enjoyed very much until want to skip lunch.

Of course we say no.

IMG 0741

Kay Kay’s lightsaber.

IMG 0748

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