Jay Jay Still Trying To Win The P6’s

Date:  Sep 20, 2015

Jay Jay has fully recovered from his knee injury.  Three weeks not on the golf course.

And today is the Junior Golf Medal day again.

IMG 0498

And again, he is up against two P6 students (caucasians kids).  You look at the heights you know they are going to hit further than you and have more mental than you.  But it is always a good challenge for Jay as he is really trying to win them all the time.  The big and tall guy (even taller and bigger than the boy on the right) did not come.

IMG 0504

Let’s take a good look on how he did.  I can’t stay too near to them.  So, some of the video are shot from far away.

He is the first to tee off.  And he still have that aiming problem.  He turn his neck too much thinking that he is hitting straight in front.  Instead you can see that he is aiming to the left.  And it is a perfect straight shot.

But he did not over swing his club and he hit a very straight and easy shot.

Well done on the first drive.  Later he chip the second shot to the green and take 3 putts to put the ball into the hole.

A monster drive!  This 202m par 4.  He hit it to 20m-30m in front of the red stick.

(Turn up the speaker and listen to the ping sound of the drive).

That is about 120-130meter drive.  For a 8 years old boy, this is very good already.  Soon, he will out drive his mommy.  HaHaHa…

Very good tee off with his Cobra driver.

This is the 2nd shot of hole #2.  And he hit it to the middle of the two bunkers.

A very good hit too.

He used a putter to bring the ball up pass the pin.

Later he hit a very good putt and the ball just pass the pin left with about 3 meter to the pin.  Unfortunately, he miss the par.

Later they played 3 more holes.  I can see he hit another great tee off on the Par 3 hole #3.  He is 10 meter away the green.

But his score was not good enough to beat Dominique.  As Dominique has pretty good short game.

So, Jay came in 2nd.

I am glad to see his great performance on Sunday’s medal game.  He is getting there.  Don’t expects him to win those P5 & P6.  But he is getting there.

Well done Jay Jay!

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