Apple Watch Vs. Pebble Time

Date:  June 26, 2015

I am so sorry Pebble Time!

Really really sorry!

IMG 5751

At first, I thought the long battery life of Pebble Time will make me wear it.

It is a Kickstarter project.  It was a very ambitious project.

IMG 5668

It has the ability to change clock watch face.  It sounds so good.

IMG 5667

But the realistic fact are:

1) It is always dim like this.  It is like wanted to show you something, but you know it is there, but you can see it clearly.  So, overtime, what you do is to press a button to light it up.

That is very bad design.

The Color E-Ink does give you the color, but still it needed to be in power safe mode.  Unlink Apple Watch, the give you blank screen.  And when you need to see it, flip your wrist a little.  And the full screen comes up.

1-0 winners goes to Apple.

IMG 5671

2) Look at the packaging.

IMG 5662

Wow.  That’s it.  Come on, you are a watch.  Please come in with better or nicer package.  You give a good box, at least people will keep the watch safe in the box.  But it is a delivery box, which is a also a watch box, that cannot be locked or covered properly.

2-0 apple Watch win the packaging.

IMG 5664

3.  No Chinese?

Wow.  That is the first.

It suppose to be a smart watch.

There are way that you can change the language into Chinese.  But that means the whole OS is Chinese.

When SMS or WhatsApp arrived, it is a standard Chinese characters.  Why you can’t display them?  Strange?

3-0 Apple wins again.

IMG 5629

4.  And the Interface is Button driven.

So, press the middle button to bring up the Apps menu.  Press up button to go up, press down button to go down, press the middle button to confirm.  

Wow… It actually sucks.  I did not expect this.

Also, there is no touch screen.

No Siri to talk to too!

4-0 Apple wins again.

IMG 5752

OK.  To be fair for Pebble Time, they win the battery long life game as well as the price.  So 4-2 Apple win.

I think the biggest mistake is, my Apple Watch come in delivered way before the Pebble Time watch arrived.  So, it could be different if I see Pebble Watch first and might gave a very fair comment about it.  But then, this is fate, my Apple Watch comes right before the Pebble Watch.  And the Apple Watch has been on my wrist for almost 3 weeks.  And I am still wearing it without fail.  Where is my Fitbit Charge HR?  Well, sitting there doing nothing.  HaHaHaHa

The color of the screen, the ease of use of the interface, the notifications delivered in a way which is non intrusive to me (my opinion).  I get to see my phone lesser.  But Apple Watch is still a great product compare to the Pebble Time watch.  No doubt about it.

Sorry!  Pebble Time!


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