I don’t Recommend Rooting Your Android TV Box

Date:  Feb 10, 2015

I don’t recommend to root your 10moons TV Box.

– After I rooted one of my box, the box run extremely SLOW.

– Some of the Apps are not functioning properly.

– You can’t change it to English, as I could not find the correct settings to do so.

– Something is broken, but I don’t know what.

However, if you feel the urge, here is how to root your 10moons TV box.

1.  Download this App.

IMG 7770

2.  You have been warned.  There is no UNDO button hor.

IMG 7771

3.  Run the app, simply press the button to get Rooted.

IMG 7772

4.  Again, this is the App to use.  From Baidu.

IMG 7773

5.  Once you press that blue button, it takes awfully long time to root your machine.  May be 10-20 minutes.  Depends.

IMG 7774

6.  You just need to wait very patiently.

IMG 7778

7.  When you almost done rooting, a few box appears asking you to install some rooting app.

IMG 7782

8.  The root is controlled by the individual App.

IMG 7783

9.  Finally, your 10Moons D6Q is rooted.

IMG 7789

10.  These are some of the things you can do with your root privilege.

IMG 7793

11.  Even Shafa App Store can get the root privilege.

IMG 7794

12.  Not sure what I did, the default launcher stopped working.

IMG 7795

13.  Trying to unload some useless system App.

IMG 7796

14.  And it does not work!

IMG 7797

15. Finally I installed the SuperSU App.

IMG 7798

16.  It seems to be able to change the language.

IMG 7799

17.  Changing it to Singapore English.  And it worked.  But most of my App is in Chinese which does not come in English flavour.

IMG 7800

After playing it for a few days, I don’t like it.  Installing Apps is not as smooth as before, you have to use Mouse to do the selection.

The systems running very slow.  

I think a lot of things broken.  I don’t know what.

So, I am not recommending the rooting.

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  1. Everyone should try. Can revert back. If something goes wrong just flash back the original firmware. Easy!

    Don't know much about this 10moon. I did it on a few himedia players, no problem at all, very hard to brick it.

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