Good Food: Keith Crackling Pork

Date:  Feb 10, 2015

That day, I sent my kids to Art Boot Camp @ Bukit Timah Turf Club.

While waiting for them, I walked around Pasarbella.

And I saw this shop.

IMG 7913

The roasted pork looks very nice.

IMG 7915

It looks really golden crispy.

IMG 7911

So, I buy one portion to eat.

And it is very nice.

It is very crispy.

It is not too salty.

Eat it plain is really nice.

IMG 7912

I have not taste the Char Siew yet.  But if the quality of Siew Bak is so good, then, I think Char Siew should be OK bah.  I will try it next week.

IMG 7914

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