Kay Kay Back To Dentist Again

Date:  Jan 18, 2015

I can still remember clearly the day when it happened.  When my wife was travelling to US for business trip, it happened.

First Incident:  http://miniliew.blogspot.sg/2013/09/kay-kay-his-front-teeth-accident.html

Last Thursday, while my wife AGAIN was travelling to US for business trip, after 16 months later since the first incident, it happened again.

This time, Kay Kay went into a “restricted zone” at the Kindergarten and while he was jumping and hopping, he slipped and his face hit the drain.

IMG 6864

His face hit the drain or the ground and cause some swollen on the lips.  But as you can see the front teeth is displaced.  According to the dentist later, it is displaced by 4mm.

The school teacher called me after I sent Kay Kay to school.

The school teacher said that my wife left “instructions” for them to handle when the teeth drop out, i.e. put the teeth in the cold milk.  But this time, the teeth did not come up, only displaced and apparently shaky.

So, since my wife did not leave any SOP to handle “shaky teeth”, so daddy have to be called to come in and handle the situation.

IMG 6867

I immediately arrange to see our family dentist at Tanglin Shopping Centre, i.e. Dr. Kenneth Lew.  

IMG 6868

After checking.  It is confirm the teeth is shaky.

And after the X-ray, it seems that the adult teeth is still developing FAR behind the milk teeth.

So, I left with 2 options.

Option 1)  Extract the trouble and shaky teeth.   But after extraction, it leaves a wide space for the neighbouring teeth to grow in, and may STOP the adult teeth to come up properly.  Since the space will be occupied by the neighbouring teeth, so the new adult teeth not only will take longer time to come out, or it might not come out smoothly, or it will find space to come out at the wrong side.  That will only cause problem next time.

Option 2)  Put the braces back in to stabilise the teeth.  So to preserve this space for the future adult teeth to growth properly.

So, obviously, putting back the braces is the only choice for him.

IMG 6869

So, let’s put all the braces on.

He has done this 16 months ago.  So, it is not new to him.

But it is new to me.  I have not seen any of these before.  All the time, it was my wife bring the kids to dentist.  Except that first incident while she was away.

IMG 6876

And this “uncle” has to choose GOLD COLOUR braces.

IMG 6883

So, only porridge, or soft food such as noodles are allowed.

IMG 6888

Because his lips was scratched against the drain, so, Dr. Lew suggested to bring Kay Kay to see the GP next door just to make sure we avoid the possibility of tetanus.

It is convenient but this doctor seems to be over pre-cautious.

He prescribed antibiotics for Kay Kay immediately.

I hinted him that Kay Kay had never taken antibiotics before, means, I don’t want my kids to simply any how take antibiotics.

But the doctor insisted.

So, I closely monitor Kay Kay for any fever or infections developed from the fall.

After 1/2 days, his temperature is normal.  And his swollen has subsided.  And I decided to SKIP the antibiotics.

Let the kid cures naturally.  If it is tetanus, I would think the fever will come very soon, etc.

 IMG 6909

The next day, I let him rest at home in the morning, and I brought him out for lunch.

IMG 6916

His appetite is good.  May be eating too much porridge the last day.

IMG 6920

After 30 hours later.  The swollen is gone.  Except that there is a small ulcer developed on that wounded area.  So, he is kind enough to allow me to apply this super bitter home medicine for him on his mouth.

IMG 6940

That night he had his usual play date with Colette and Ashlyn.  So they ate soft Macaroni Cheese.

IMG 6951

Playing no problem.

IMG 6949

Swimming no problem.

IMG 6977

The 3rd day, also very good appetite.  And I cooked the Japanese rice and tofu pork for him.  No problem.

And my domestic helper cut some Apples for him to eat.  I told him to use his back teeth to bite.  And I also cut the apple into smaller size too.  So that it is easier for him to bite.

IMG 7010

I cooked this for him.  And he loves it.  That is why he wants a big plate.

IMG 7013

Speaking of devils.

Just that I thought everything was perfect and good… 

The unthinkable thing happened!

IMG 7012

One of the brace filling dropped out.  

IMG 7016

OK.  What happened here?

IMG 7017

Oh no!  The braces dropped out, and the pokey archwire is poking out.  It even clip onto his lips.  I carefully unclip the wire.

Oh no!  What do I do now?

I have never done this before.

So, I called Dr. Lew for help.

IMG 7015

Dr. Lew asked me to use a nail clipper to cut the wire.

I can’t find a small nail clipper.  Instead I found this.  So, I performed the cutting on the wire.  

I have to lie him down slightly face downwards, so that the wire will not dropped into his throat.  

IMG 7026

That is the wire poking out.

IMG 7018

Oh no.  Dr. Lew asked me to leave about 1mm.  But after cutting it, the edges are very SHARP.

It’s going to poke against the lips and and might hurt the lips.

IMG 7019

I found the orthodontic wax.  At first I don’t even know what it is.  And with the help of Google, I found it on google how it looks like.  So I quickly search the whole house for it.

and I found it.

IMG 7023

Google also clearly show how to apply it.  So, I cut a small piece out, roll it into a small ball and stuck it in to cover the edge.  Now, the sharp part was covered. 

We are good again.

IMG 7024

See … how the orthodontic wax covered the sharp edge of the wire.  It’s cool.

IMG 7025

Few things from the blog…

1)  Don’t panic when this sort of things happen.

2)  Google and try to find answer.

3)  If the kids don’t need antibiotics, try not to give.  It will weaken the kids immune systems.  There might be risk, but you have to make them wisely.

4)  The easy way out is to extract the teeth.  But it will definitely create more problem in future.  So make your choice wisely.


Thank goodness that Kay Kay is a brave kid.  And he has really high pain tolerance.  Well done Kay Kay.

Mommy coming back today, and she will fix everything.  Wahahahahahaha


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