Kay Kay First Show & Tell Project

Date:  Oct 8, 2014

This is Kay Kay’s home work this week.  The theme is “Houses & Homes”.

It is a “Show & Tell” project.

IMG 1755

Last weekend, he tell me to snap photos of various part of the home, and then, ask me to print out and stick it to a A3 paper.  

But because there are so many things to “Show and Tell”, we have to stick 2x A3 paper together to present it.

I even discarded some photos.  

“Why do you need to show this?”  “Why do you need that?”

IMG 1913

Then, I ask him what to write on it?  

I gave him some suggestions, and use his “languages” such as sentence like, “My parents hang me & koko drawings on the wall.” 

HaHa… 原汁原味.

And I wrote all down using pencil. 

And his job is to use a Marker pen to write over it.

Now, I am very surprise, that Kay Kay can now trace the letter very well!  

Just few months ago when I see the teachers in school in the parent teacher session, I was commenting that the writing is a bit “bad”.  hahaha

Now, he can trace it well.

Later when I got time and think, then, I know why.  This is a project to “show and tell”. 

Usually, when you feel proud to show and tell your home, you feel that it is important to make it perfect.

This is precisely what he is doing!

He really put in a lot a lot of efforts in “tracing” all my writings.  And use the marker pen write over it.

IMG 1916

This is the 2x A3 size Show and Tell about Homes and Houses.  Kay Kay is very proud after finishing it.  He has not written so many words before that afternoon.

IMG 1917


1.  When you have 2 kids at home, there is a tendency that you will “neglect” the 2nd kid.

2.  The 2nd kid usually has tremendous pressure, as he see his “koko” as “superboy” can do anything, but he still may not grasp the idea of “age differences”.

3.  It is good that, when you teach the elder kid, the 2nd kid will tend to learn by listening to it.  So, the 2nd kid sometimes are much clever because of this.

4.  It is also good that, when you lecture the elder kid, the 2nd kid automatically likely immune from making the same mistake his koko make.

5.  But parents sometimes will really neglect the 2nd kid because of “have one it with the first kid”.

6.  That is why, sometimes, when there are homework from the school, try do it with the kids, instead of do it and pass it to the kids (parents do it – no no).  This is important.  This gives the kids a sense of participation, and thus, he can proudly present it in class.  Try relates things that is close to him, and he is comfortably to talk about and show and tell.  This is a great chance to boost the kid self-confidents and self-esteem.

7.  Always think of a way to make him participate.

8.  Kay Kay likes this project a lot.  This give him a chance to tell his friends using photos about his home, what he do at home.  And this will make him feel very proud of himself.

Well done Kay Kay!



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