Golf #2 – Jay and Me

Date:  Sep 23, 2014

Yesterday, by afternoon, the haze has mostly gone.

So, I called up home and ask if Jay has finished all his homework and so on.

He say “Yes!”

So, I brought him to the golf course and have a game with him.

IMG 1127

Unfortunately, the Singapore Sport School are having their weekly training here from 4pm and 7pm.  So, we have to play behind them.

We did not get to start our tee off until 5pm.

So, Jay did some chipping and putting practices before the game.

IMG 1125

Today, I managed to teach him a few things.

That is some of his weaknesses that needed to be fix.

1.  The stance, body alignment is not correct.  He has some problem aiming at the direction.  The shoes and legs may be aligning to far left, but his body thinks he is hitting straight. This is very hard to correct him.  So, I have to teach him a few checks to make sure that he is hitting to the direction he wanted to hit.  Or may be he is a bit overweight, and have flat foot, so that is why he is having so much trouble aiming.  I figure out most of the times, the ground are uneven, and the way he stands and put the weight wrongly, can cause imbalance and hence open or close club face.

But I am glad that his driver shots hits about 106 meter today.  Getting better.  🙂

IMG 1134

2.  He still tends to overawing the club and break his left arm.  I have to make him do a lot a lot of baseball swings to get that exact feeling of not over-swinging.  He is starting to make that as habit.

IMG 1166

The sun is setting soon.

IMG 1142

Quite a stunning view.  Isn’t it?

IMG 1144

3.  Some times, he still use his ARM POWER to chip or putt.  I have to keep reminding him pendulum swing.  hahaha

But when he grasp the idea, his pendulum swing gives him so much power hitting the putt or chip.  He produced quite a number of good chip too.

IMG 1137

This is his score today.  He actually won a hole from me.   Where I screw up in my par 3, 99meter hole.

IMG 1169

Going to have quite a number of school off day due to PSLE.  So, for me, I need to walk more to do exercise, so, will be bringing him to more golf game.

Training him for his next medal game.  That will be on Oct 19.

Screen Shot 2014 09 23 at 8 33 50 am

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