On To The Stage Experience

Date:  Sep 23, 2014

It is good to have the kids has some on stage experience.

Parents should encourage the kids to go up stage.  Let them feel the fun, let them be confident.

I am glad that Jay Jay is not afraid of stage.  

This is the 4pm magic show.

IMG 0013

He is enjoying every moment of it.

IMG 0039

The magician guide him, trick him, and he is enjoying it.

IMG 0032

It is a 7 min on stage experience.

And he got a present to be up there.

IMG 0034

Yesterday in school, the PE teacher ask him to be on stage to take part in a sport challenge.  (Thanks Mdm Lu [Jay’s teacher] for sharing the photos…) 


I am glad that this kid now has no stage fright.  hahaha


And he got a present for being up there on stage.

I am glad that he has become a very confident kid.  


Being on a stage takes a lot of courages.

Kids have to start learning how to defeat the fear for going up stage.

Parents play an important role in this.

Remember how I make Jay Jay write his journal?

1.  Write down on the paper the main points about the journal.

2.  Stand on a stage (in your home, there must be a designated area where your kids speaks and perform in front of you)

3.  Make him speak out what he intended to write.

4.  Like that, you train him to think, to speak out, and then, remember, and write it out.

5.  But most importantly, for being standing at that stage area to speak trains him how to go and stage to speak. hahaha

That’s only my method.

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