Kay & Lego Driving School

Date: Sep 23, 2014

Kids are like that.  Very funny sometimes, very unique.

You think that all kids love driving cars.  But not all.

IMG 0150

My Kay Kay is one of the rare one that does not like driving cars. (before he gets his first Lego driving license)

I have no idea why he “hates” driving kids car.  But let’s see what we can do to change that.

Hey Kay Kay… See.  If you drive the car today, you can get a Lego Driving license.

Your Ko Ko (Jay Jay) has two.  And you have have how many?  (Zero).

That will motivates him a bit.

IMG 0149

First, choose the car correctly.  Choose the one that is way out from other cars.  So that when all the kids start the cars, they don’t bang into each other.

I recall, 2 years ago, Kay Kay must be feeling bad, sitting in the same car, and don’t know how to operate, while he sees his friends driving the cars happily.  And furthermore, I recall his car got stuccoed and he did not know how to move it at all.  And some of other kids bang into his car.

Like that, he has a “bad memory” about driving Lego cars in Legoland.

So, this time, we shall not make that mistake again.

IMG 0140

And very luckily, he is the leader in this “slow” car race.

Be there at all time, guide him.  How to turn at the corner.  And so on.

Like that, he finished first.  And he is very proud.  He get more proud when I bring him to take his driving license.

Kay Kay received his picture driving license.

IMG 0147

He is very happy about receiving the driving license.

IMG 0144

Then, when you asked him “Let’s drive again?”

He says “Yes Yes Yes”.

IMG 0154

Some thoughts

1.  Sometimes parents are busy, and we are not observing that our kids are in trouble.  This is a simple example.  Lego driving school has a junior car and the kids car.  Junior car is for kids that is 3-5 years old.  You think it is a simple thing to ride a car?  Your kid may not think so.  

2.  When the kids don’t think driving a kids car is fun, sometimes, we have to find out what is going on.  All kids should love driving cars.  Why my kid is different.

3.  I quickly pulled out the photos where Kay Kay went to Legoland the first time with 18 of Jay’s friends.  Then, I quickly understand.

4.  Kay Kay is afraid of driving because, he did not get to drive properly the first time.  Other kids are banging into his car.  His car is not moving.  And all these make him sad.  And he develops a certain “fear” in driving kids car.

5.  Once you understand the cause.  It will be easy to fix it.

6.  Luckily, now they offer photo driving license for the young kids too.  So, create a diversion, make getting the photo driving license as a target (not driving the car), and ask him to try again.  Make sure he choose the correct car.  If not, ask the people there to move his car to more open space.  Make sure to provide guidance all the way.  

7.  Like that it makes him happy and it makes him “normal” just like any other kids.

8.  But most of the time, the problem is not that simple.  So, the most important thing is to be patient, be observant, and try our best to help our kids.  Be there for them, love them, and understand them.


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  1. Wow, that is amazing. Kids are looking so adorable here while driving cars. That must be fun for them, but if need to drive on road then we have to follow rules and we should know how to drive car safely. Just few days ago my daughter had learnt driving from Port Macquarie Driving School, and now she is driving in heavy rush very confidently.

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