My Thoughts on Kids & iPads

Date:  Sep 21, 2014

Human needs to evolve.

We cannot stop evolution.

Nature will find a way to evolve.

Man created iPad.

Man stop kids to use iPad.

Kids will find way to use iPad.  (Secretly).

Recently, a very interesting reading on Steve Job’s wouldn’t let his children touch an iPad and other digital gadgets.

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Today, on the paper.

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These are my rules.  And it works for my family.  And I like it this way.

House Rules

1.  No iPad on dining table.  Be it at home, or at the restaurant.

2.  No iPad during kids’ friends gathering.

3.  No kids shall ask for iPad at home.  It is always be given based on reasons but not answer to an “asking for it”.

4.  I will take away the iPad immediately, if the eyes to iPad distance is less than 400-500cm.  To protect the eyes.

5.  When parents says “Stop”, within 2 seconds, kids must press HOME BUTTON, and then POWER BUTTON.  And bring the iPads to keep.

6.  Absolutely, no kids can touch the iPad, even they are lying in front of you, and your mom and dad are not around.


Associates iPads To Good Behaviour

1.  It is a reward, to award 20 minutes of iPad time for the kids if they really did something astonished, something you like.

2.  You score a good enough marks for good efforts put in, reward.

3.  You help daddy mommy to do something, reward.

4.  Make sure they know is a reward.


Do Not Mention the name “iPad”

1.  My kids has not spoken the word “iPad” for couple of years.

2.  In their mind, they know it is called iPad.

3.  “Can I play iPad?” is a prohibited question at home.

4.  They invented the other name “i-i” instead of “iPad”.


Addiction is Prohibited

1.  The more you asked for it, the longer you will be band from using it.

2.  It is the same like drug addiction.  We must find ways to cut the addiction.  It’s painful, but it will be helpful.

3.  Associate punishment with addiction.  Cane-cane should be another word they remember, if they ever got addicted.


Education or Games?

1.  Download both educational games and fun games.

2.  In a week, at least one day should be education day.  Means, they run Math games, Sight Words game and so on.


What Games?

1.  Should download common puzzle games.  Like Angry bird, Amigo Pancho.

2.  At least when they are playing, stay near to them, help them if you can.

3.  My son currently plays “Sim City”.  This are the games should be installed.  For example, Civilisations.

4.  My two sons sometimes play “Chess”.

5.  The family sometimes play “Marble Mixer”.

6.  Other puzzle games is such as Match-3, etc.  It helps their brain.

7.  Don’t let them play games like shooting games, or those that associates violence.


Who Owns The iPad?

1.  Each of my kids own their own iPads.

2.  The iPad is theirs.  But, to use it, they must obey the House iPad Rules.

3.  Break any of the rules, means no iPad for 1 day, 2 days or 3 days.


Let Them Play

1.  Kids talk about iPad in school.

2.  If they mention a game, as long as it is educational, and puzzle, need to use brain, and not violence.  Reward them by downloading them.  Let them play.

3.  Do not stop them playing for wrong reasons.

4.  You suppress them, they will find ways.  You will loose your communication with the kids.  When you loose it, you loose your child.

5.  Always associate rewards with good behaviour, always associates punishment with bad behaviour.


Read Books

1.  Show them what iPad can do.  

2.  Read books to them on iPad.

3.  Associate reading to iPad.


Find Answers

1.  Associate tools to iPad.

2.  Dictionaries.

3.  Wiki Page.

4.  Measuring conversion.

5.  Cooking Instructions.

6.  Make them aware that technology is a tool to help them, but not to make them addict.  Them let them think it is a handheld game console machine.


Sports & Activities

1.  Do more activities at home.

2.  Let them do more sports.

3.  Your home got a tennis court, how many time you have uses it?

4.  Packed more sports, they will have fun, and they will be tired after sports, and they will sleep nicely.


Other Notes

1.  Always remember, raising kids is your priorities.

2.  Not give them an iPad to exchange for a quiet moment.  Remember it.

3.  Don’t give them iPad so that you can talk to your friend.

4.  Don’t give them iPad so that you can work.  Don’t bring work home.

5.  If you need to work at home, do it after the kids are sleep.

6.  Always be around them when you let them play iPad.  You can play your own iPad, be it games or read news, and so on.


That is my way how I taught Jay & Kay.  And it works for so many years.

And I am glad that I raised them this way.

And I think their mental is clean this way.

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