Robotics & Gears

Date:  Sep 20, 2014

Today project is to build a Beyblade top and its robotics spinner using GEARS.

IMG 1034

Basically, the class taught them what is gears, how does gears put into action, why there are big gear and small gear, how to make things spin fast and spin slow.

For P2 students, these are new science concepts for them.  So, they definitely have an early start in understanding Engineering.

IMG 1028

Let’s see how they put the gears and spinner into action.

It is amazing to see that, the spinner actually, in my opinion, spin quite slowly.  But the top actually spin much faster.  That is the magic of gears.

And I hope the kids will remember the application of gears and that is definitely one of the physics topic in a few years time.

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