Jay Jay & Bowling

Date:  Sep 20, 2014

Today I learned a very important lesson, again.

1.  Coach Jimmy said to Jay Jay: “You don’t look at your papa, because the way how he bowl is wrong.  That’s not the correct way to bowl.”

2.  Coach Jimmy said to me: “Later I teach you how you can teach your young one (Kay Kay) to bowl.  This is not the way to start him”

Wow!  Ouch!  But I like!

IMG 0984

Jay Jay is going to be 8 years old.

He is 43kg in mass, and I think he can do well in bowling if he is willing to learn.

As usual, you ask him: “Jay Jay, do you want to learn how to bowl correctly?”

Jay’s answer is always: “Yes!”

So, let’s bowl tonight.

IMG 1796

Coach Jimmy taught bowling in ACS school and Ngee Ann Poly.  He is one of the bowling coach at SICC.

IMG 1800

Jay Jay has not learned bowling before.  Previous few times, he was playing with the bumper turn on.  And he simply any how throw the ball.

But today, judging from his focus and concentration spent in learning.

He shows high interest in bowling.

IMG 1801

The coach start in teaching him how to kneel down and bowl.  Just to get the feeling of bowling.  He was having lots of problem in executing it.

The coach keep him swinging the ball for many times until a natural pendulum motion has been achieved.

This is like putting in golf.  Pendulum motion.

After he got a feeling of how the ball should be swinging in the air.

The coach made him stand up and give him the correct posture of swinging the bowling ball.

IMG 1805

The coach has to hold his hand to keep his balance.

I can see that Jay start to loss a bit of confidence when almost all his ball went into the gutter.

Coach Jimmy patiently teach him and guide him.

Another ball in the gutter.

I know my boy, he must be thinking… wow, it is hard, all my balls go into the gutter.

But Jay Jay has this energy may be because of this strong mass in his body, he continues his lesson.  Until…. at the end… he starts a round of bowling…

It is an AMAZING feeling.

His ball go straight.

Until 3 quarters, the ball starts to spin and hook from right to the left.

That is Bowling!  That is what the coach comment about me not doing that.  HaHaHa.

Let’s see another ball.  Again, it stays on the right, and suddenly the ball hook to the left from the right again.

Jay Jay has done it! 

So, today, he is not even moving.  Standing there and roll the ball.  

Very nice.  The ball turn left hook again.

Coach Jimmy says, not every one can learn that in one lesson.  He was surprise that Jay Jay can picked up very fast in his first lesson, he already know how to make the ball hook.  some students did indeed need 2-3 months to even do that.

Coach Jimmy also says, usually parents only bring in their kids in P3.  I told coach that this one is for recreation, not for school CCA as Pei Tong has almost nothing, no golf, no badminton for boys, no bowling, no tennis, etc.  haha

Jay already feel special with his Golf.  Now, I think he has found another favourite sports.

Let’s come back to Kay Kay.

This is the 5th time Kay Kay bowl.

Unfortunately, he is so thin and I am not sure if he can handle a 6 lbs ball.

IMG 0959

OK folks.  According to the coach, this is not entire right.  But to start the young one with bowling, he says, we must get them used to rolling the ball correctly.  What I teach Kay Kay was once again wrong.

I remember Jay’s swimming coach also said the same thing to me.  

It is easy for parent to teach.  But it is not easy for the kid to unlearn the mistake if the teaching is wrong.

So, sometimes, we have to let the professional to teach them the right way without intervene.

So, the correct way is to place the two fingers (no thumb) into the bowling hole, and grab the ball a bit side way.  And let the kid roll this way, so that the ball always goes to the left from right.

Thanks for the tips!

IMG 1814

One huge difference between the Kay Kay today and the Kay Kay last time.

I no longer have to accompany him to the lane.  

He has done this all buy himself.

That means, he has grown STRONGER, and can handle grabbing the bowling ball with two hands and walk to the line and start bowl.

IMG 0974

I must say, he is quite consistent for a young 5 years old kid.  Excellent Kay Kay.

IMG 0985

So, I made a custom ball with correct fitting for Jay.  He will soon has his own ball.

Since he is talented in bowling.  Can hook the ball in first lesson, I think it is only fair to let Coach Jimmy to teach him from now on.  

IMG 0991

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