Late Night In USSG

Date:  Sep 14, 2014

From time to time, there is always this sort of lobang.  

Where you can buy a USSG (Universal Studio Singapore) ticket for S$20 per person.

A private event in the Universal Studio during night time.

 IMG 0594

Give you S$10 worth of vouchers, plus bread and water.

Got to say “Thank You West Coast GRC” and Thank you Government.

IMG 0596

So, we went with the Tan family.  They boys are all thrill to be there.  

IMG 0601

So I asked my wife: “How many people will show up?”

Wife: “I think few hundreds…”

She was wrong.

IMG 0603

She was so so wrong!

In the Water World theater, already you have 4000+ people inside.  HaHaHa…

So, you can imagine most of the ride will need to queue up.  hahaha

IMG 0615

This event is subsidised by West Coast GRC.  And this is the third time they doing this.

IMG 0628

For S$20 ticket with S$10 food voucher, you get to sit in most of the ride.  

Why not?

Kay Kay is so happy!

IMG 0625

Let’s take a selfie.  As this is the first time we came to USSG at night.

IMG 0627

The 4000+ people are all so happy.  Doing human waves to welcome the ministers and the MPs.

Before the show starts, this guy keep splashing water.  Especially to those blue colour seats.

Let the show begins.

Watching it at night is another kind of feeling.  Quite good under less heat.

Well, I am sitting on the slight wet seats.  I don’t call this slightly wet lor.

IMG 0623

At night, the castle looks quite nice.

IMG 0606

We sat quite a number of rides tonight.  Sitting on roller coaster at night is fun too.  

This is the latest Transformers 4D shows.  Very nice!

IMG 0632

The car practically not moving forward, but the movie already make it feel so real.

IMG 0633

We enjoyed the night.  And it is totally worth it.

It is our tax payer money anyway.  Why not use it.  hahaha

So next time you here this sort of lobang, don’t pass it.  Use it!  hahaha

IMG 0607

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