Spooking Buddha Painting

Date:  Sep 14, 2014

I was accompanying my friend for hand crafts shopping in Jakarta, and we found this shop selling this buddha 3D painting.

It is spooky indeed.  Scary.

Anyway, if you want to shop for wooden handcrafts or souvenir in Jakarta, these are the two locations I recommend.

1.  Kemang Area

Just tell the taxi driver you want to go to the Kemang area that has lots of wooden furnitures and handy crafts.  

It is a street where they have lots of small furnitures stores and most of them are wooden crafts.

And you can bargain for the price.  And it is cheap.  For example, I saw something I like.  And it is 250,000Rp here.

Screen Shot 2014 09 14 at 8 16 05 am

2.  Pasaraya Blok M

On the 5th floor in this mall, the entire floor (huge and big) are selling wooden, silver, handicrafts from all over Indonesia.  Almost every thing you can think of.

I saw the exact same thing a solitaire chess with marble stones here too.  The same set selling for 475,000Rp here.  Which earlier, I should have bought it at Kemang Area.

HaHaHa… You know when these handicrafts go into the mall, it is always double or even triple the price.  I was trying to negotiate to buy that set from the Kemang store for 200,000Rp, but the store keeper won’t want to sell me.  The listed price is already 350,000Rp back then.  HaHa


Here is the place.  Easy to find.

Screen Shot 2014 09 14 at 8 19 48 am

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