Jay Jay First Ever Mini Golf Competition

Date:  Sep 14, 2014


Last year, in the Beginner’s class, Jay won a few medals.  When he moved up to the GAT class (next stage), he actually lost the first medal.  There are a couple of good players in his class, and are competitive.  He worked hard and finally, he got his medal back!

(The printing got a “r” missing in the word Winner)

IMG 1068

In this latest saga, he learned that anything is possible.  He learned that losing is common.  But as long as you work hard, and you are willing to learn, you eventually can catch up once again.

Another competition coming up in a months time.  So, let’s hope that he can continue to do well.

IMG 1066

This is a victory smile after you have lost a victory.  🙂  Well done Jay!

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***** Original Article  *****

This is a very interesting theory.

Think about it.

My son is taking these sports…

  1)  Taekwondo

  2)  Swimming

  3)  Badminton

  4)  Soccer

  5)  Golf

  6)  Tennis (previously)

And at this age, I still playing Golf a few times per month.  But never learned taekwondo, seldom swim, seldom play soccer or never good at it, seldom play badminton and so on.

I (Daddy) can spent more time with Jay on golf.  Such as bring him to driving range, bring him to play on the course, give him tips and so on.

As a result.  Jay is a little bit better than others when he play golf.  Out of so many sports, golf is the one that really make him feel confident.

Jay’s friend, Riandi, is good in badminton.  His daddy plays badminton on weekly basis.  He is good in sports such as soccer too.  As his daddy is very sporty playing soccer too.

So, the theory is…. If you want your son or daughter to be good in something, be it sport or academic, the family must have that kind of environment to train him.

It will be quite not useful to sent your kid to something that you as a parent don’t know about, or are not so good at it.

This is just something I thought of and feel very strong about it.  

HaHaHa… That means, next year, I am going to concentrate on a few things and let go a lot of things.  HaHaHaHa…  Sorry Jay.  

***** Thoughts *****

Today is Jay’s Golf School’s medal day.  It is sort of competition of what they have learned for the past few weeks.

And Jay’s competition is at the course.  Competing hole by hole.

He has been trained for this.

He is confident about it. 

Let’s do a hole by hole coverage here.

I am the only parent at the course.  I see a lot of parents simply put their kids here while they go and do their own things.

To me, I like to be close to my kids.  I love to watch him play.  That is why almost all the weeks, I will be walking along side, can’t get too near by can watch how the coach taught them, and how he is taking the lesson.

First Hole.  92 meter.  Par 3 Hole.

His monster drive (for his age categories, 90 meter is a good driving range for 8 years old boy) drives his tee shot on to the green.

This is where his driver shot brought him.  Left with about 6 meter with a slope in between.

Opps… he putt and his ball roll back to him.  Not enough strength.  When he did the practice swing, his strength is correct, and his aiming is good.  But when he actually hit it, he strangely did differently.  HaHaHa…

So, he went on, put too much strength and over shoot the hole and he putt outside the fringe.

And he spent 5 putts to get the ball in.  He scored a double par here.  But enough to win the other two players.  

Jay won!

2nd Hole.  214 Meter.  Par 4.

Again, very good tee off at the 2nd hole.  Nice sweet spot sound.  Carry about 80 meter may be.

This is the third shot.  And he is using his fairway wood to carry a longer distance.  And he bring the ball in front of the bunker.

He has learned how to aim properly.  By raising both hands to the target.  That carries about 60 meter.

Coach Justin was happy.

He asked Jay, how he play this next shot.

Jay answered “Play to the right of bunker, get it on the green”.

As you can see, the flag is on the left of bunker.

But he has to hit over the sand bunker.

And he over swing it.

So, he needs to chip the ball back.  And he did an excellent chip.  Direction is correct.  Strength is bit more.  But it is excellent chip.

The next putt, he putt it closer to the flag.  As there are slopes which I think he got a bit phobia. 

And he sank the putt.  He score a 7 in this 2nd par 4 hole.  It is a triple bogeys for him.  And he put his competition way way behind.

3rd Hole.  99 meter.  Par 3.

This is the best tee shot for this hole.  Last week, he did not bad, but this week he did better.  The ball went over the bunker over the right side, and stay at the fringe.

But look at the distance he carries.  If his aiming is better, it will be near the pin.

Again, down beside the bunker, he did an excellent chip.  Although a bit far, but he managed to bring up the ball to the green.

IMG 0690

Then, he did a great putt overcoming the slope on the left.  A bit long, but he putt the ball within 2 meter. 

Today, they played only 3 holes (for 1.5 hours).

So, this hole, he sank the bogey.  A very lovely putt.  About 2-2.5 meter.

Coach Justin gave a huge cheer for him.

Definitely will boost up his confidence.

So, I think he is going to get his first medal in this competitive GAT class.

No doubt, he is very happy about his performance today.

He did everything correctly.  The coach is happy for him.

IMG 0699



As I always say… practice does matter.

The more you practice, the more familiar you going to be.

IMG 0642

I also teach him the baseball swing.  So to let him familiar with effortless swing.

Not easy OK.  Changing the location of the cup.  Chancing the location of the ball.  He kept practicing for 1 hour before the game.

IMG 0645

Then, measure it with the Golf gadgets…

IMG 0648

Longer putting matt.  And notice that he have to place marker too.  Cannot miss out all these details.

IMG 0649

Good job Jay!

IMG 0654

Take a look at today’s few holes stats.  How many swings & putts he taken every hole.

IMG 0702

Compare to his last score for the 1st 3 holes.

IMG 0703

A game he truly loves.

A game I can contribute teaching him.

Good job Jay Jay!

IMG 0655

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