Cycle From Home To West Coast Park (2nd Ride)

Date:  May 2, 2014

It was May 1st Labour Day!

It was raining in the morning, and the thunder sounds seem to be loud.

But the sky were clear by 8:30am, and we could not hear any more thunder.

Road are a bit wet though.

Kids, let’s gear up!

IMG 3382

Jay remembered clearly the first ride couple months back, where he had a fall from the bike.

So, this time, he is going to ride carefully.

IMG 3385

As for the young one, he is still using his ultra light bicycle.

IMG 3389

Ever since school started in Jan this year, we seldom go on bike excursion because our Saturday and Sunday are mostly at the enrichment classes.

IMG 3390

Once a while, we committed to bring the kids to outdoor such as this.  This will be their second trip riding to West Coast Park.  It is a 6-7km ride for one way trip.  So, the kids going to do at least 14km today.  They will be very proud of themselves doing this if they ever see this blog entry.

IMG 3393

Kay Kay loves to ride on this overhead PCN bridge to go across the AYE.  For him, it will be challenging given that his bike does not have any gear to change.  HaHaHa… So, you can imagine he has to do a lot of hard work to ride on this bridge.

IMG 3397

No joke ridding on the road along the busy West Coast Rd.  The kids are thought over and over how to cross the road, how to not playing on the road where there are cars.  It is a surviving skills they need to learn since young.  They are on their own riding by themselves.

IMG 3403

We joined Lukas, Louis & Conrad for soccer kicking and chasing games.  It is a nice work out for the kids.

IMG 3408

The kids always love the sea.  They love to watch the boats and ship.

“PaPa look, that is where the ship got repaired…”

IMG 3414

As usual, after all the exercising, the kids need food.  And MacDonald is there.

But I do have to queue for almost 40 minutes to get the food for the kids on this May day.

Jay Jay fell down in the West Coast Park.  Bleed a little.  Cry a little.  Well, you have to fall down somewhere in order to grow up.

IMG 3419

Later, during our journey cycling back home, I wanted to show the kids the train and train tracks inside the Japanese kindergarden.  So, I shouted “Train”..

and I stopped.  Then, I saw Mr. Kay riding very fast and then, could not stop in time and fell in front of my eyes.  haha A few scratches on his legs too.  Not much blood though.  HaHaHaHa… There I taught him must always see the front traffic and break in time.  A good lesson for him to learn.  He cried of course.  

So I said, “Mommy, Koko, let’s go, if Kay Kay continue to cry, leave him here, we all go home.”. 

So, he bo-pian, pick up his bike and ride along with us.

So, any problem with his legs?  Nope.  🙂

We always like to stop by this old train track place.

IMG 3427

There are always things to learn and see.

IMG 3429

The train track seems peaceful, and the canal along side seems peaceful too.

IMG 3431

Kids learned how to blow the 蒲公英.

IMG 3446

Oh ya… the love it.

IMG 3448

That wraps up the morning ride.  It was a short 5-hours outing.  The kids had a lot of fun, and they learned a lot of things from the outing too.

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