Bike Ride to West Coast Park

Date:  Jan 1, 2014

It is a great day to cycle.  Only 29 degree nia.

IMG 7078

So, today, to start the great year 2014.  We decided to cycle to West Coast Park.

IMG 7073

I am not so worry about Jay Jay.  So fat, sure got extra energy.

We just went to Health Promotion Board the other day, and he is about 41.5KG.  WOW.  Too heavy.  He has been eating so much during this 6 weeks holidays.

IMG 7076 

But him (Kay), I am a bit worry whether he got the stamina to go thru the whole ride or not?

Let’s wait and see.

IMG 7065

So far so good.

IMG 7080

Here we are crossing the AYE overhead park connector bridge.

IMG 7081

So far so good.  Why we are worry?  Because we pedal one round, he has to pedal three times.

IMG 7084

One thing is good that he does drink a lot of water.

IMG 7087

Let’s keep moving.  Here we cross the road.

IMG 7092

Let’s sit down for a while.

IMG 7093

Young Kay Kay is learning all sort of route.

IMG 7101

We are almost there.

IMG 7104

Yipeeee!  After 5.56KM, and almost 40min, we finally arrived at West Coast Park.

IMG 7106

Jay, Isabelle, and I did a round of cycling first.

IMG 7109

Then, we park and lock our bicycles together.

IMG 7111

So that we can go fly kite!

IMG 7112

Not too bad!

IMG 7115

Eric is busy flying his kite.


Its a Spider Man kite!


He just position the spider man kite at the ground and wait for the wind to blow.


Kay Kay loves to fly kites.  I think we need to come out and do more kite flying.


Isabelle also trying to fly smaller kites.


Run Run Run!


And it fly up.


Oh… No wind.


Mean while, Jay Jay is retrieving his stings.


Mine cannot fly high.


Kids are not easily tired.  Because they have “Brown” fat that can be reset very fast.


A lot of running.  Now we are afraid that both kids cannot ride bike home later.


Isabelle bought along her’s Monopoly Deal cards.  It is out of stock in the whole world.  The price now is about USD$27 from Amazon.  I bought one from Amazon just yesterday.

IMG 7126

OK.  It’s lunch time @ McDonalds.

IMG 7129

Jay big mouth eating his double cheese burger.

IMG 7131

Like son, like mother.

IMG 7132

OK.  After lunch, while the fire is still hot.   Kids, let’s ride home.

IMG 7135

It is another 5.6KM bike ride to get home.  You are doing well Kay Kay!

Well done Kay Kay!  We are almost home.  

IMG 7141

I like my kids to do a lot of outdoors and play with friends.  So, that is why if I have any chance I will bring them out for cycling.  In this coming new 2014.  Jay Jay is going to do a lot a lot of more exercise.  Soccer, tennis, badminton, golf, swimming, taekwondo, cycling, roller blade, and so on.  We need to reduce his weight to below 40KG.  

Happy 2014 New Year!

IMG 7127

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