Date: Dec 30, 2013

OK. You cannot blame DNC for doing so. The companies sold merchandises to you, and sometimes thru the fine prints, they have to right to sent marketing materials to you, as a customer. DNC should allow them to do so.

DNC should prevent those companies who does not have any relationship with you to cold call you for business.

So, in my opinion, the correct way that DNC should do is…

1) These company should inform DNC a list of mobile phone numbers where they have obtain rights to sent marketing material.

2) DNC should take the list and compile it into their master database.

3) Each individual mobile phone owner should have each individual LOGIN account. So, when they login, in addition to the three things that they can select, they should be able to see all the COMPANIES that has relationship to sent marketing materials to that mobile number. So, by doing so, each mobile phone users can CHECK or UNCHECK the companies name.

4) Then, every now and then, DNC synced all these new data with the “REGISTERED” companies who wish to do cold calls.

5) Although company name has be UNCHECKED, these companies will still show up in the list of “Relationship” companies. So that at any time, the user can ADD back or REMOVE the company names in their list.

By doing so, we will have the right to decide who can or cannot sent marketing materials.


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