No WiFi in my Bedroom

Date:  Dec 24, 2013

Few months ago…

Five ninth-grade young women found the following facts…

Left (Green):  Plants grow healthy when it is not near WiFi Router.

Right (Brown):  Plants cannot grow when it is near WiFi Router.


I have made a huge decision of my life today.

1.  Shutting down the Apple Airport Express (WiFi Router) in my bed room.  No longer I have strong WiFi signal in my room.  Only when I need it, I will turn it on, and when I don’t need it.  I will shut it off.  

2.  Shutting down the Apple Airport Extreme (WiFi Router) in my study room (just 1 meter away from me).  This is the probably the strongest WiFi router I have at home.  So, I will use it only when I really need it.  For now, it will be turned off most of the time.

IMG 6384

3.  Removing all the Apple chargers in the room.  If you have a charger in your room, that means, you will charge your iPhone or iPad.  Bad!  So, these chargers will be moved elsewhere.  Benefits will be tremendous.  No SMS, no Whatsapp.  But best of all, no devices in your room to get WiFi or 3G or 4G signal.  

The only active WiFi router will be in the living room and the network cabinet and my Kitchen Washing area.  So, that is fine, those can leave it on.  My iPhones/iPads in the study room can still get a WiFi signal from these routers. 

Let’s live a better and healthier life, ya!


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