Cook With Ken – Simple Scallops Sausages Rice

Date:  Oct 6, 2013

I know a lot of people does not cook.  But sometimes, if you read all those news about disposable chopsticks, fake soya sauce, etc, you will feel very unsafe to eat outside especially at the public eating place.  Because of cost of ingredient, some hawkers may choose to buy cheap sauces (but taste real good).  So, it is those that in my opinion that will cause illness, very bad illness without knowing.  The world today is unlike yesterday.  Even in US, they have so many genetic altered food, or food with arsenic.  China is like this, US is like that.  So, the best is to start to cook for yourself or your family.  Start with Simple food..  You at least control where the raw materials comes from.  For me, I will choose most of the time Organic so that my stomach can stay away from pesticides, etc.  But it is almost impossible to do so due to the fact that our body is expose to all these environment unknowingly.

Yesterday, I added in a rice dish in my son’s birthday party.

1.  You need some Chinese sausages.  Yes, I know, some of these sausages may be from China.  And you do not know weather can eat or not?  One think you can do is, buy a more expensive one, from reputable shop such as 福华.  At least the brand name will do some scouting and filtering.  It may be higher price than those you get from Giant or NTUC, or wet market.  But at least it is safer when you think about it.  Second, after bought, soak it in the water, and remove the SKIN.  Yeah.. always do that.

IMG 9016

2.  Slice the sausages.

IMG 9015

3.  I also have some Hokkaido Mini Scallops.  This one, you can buy from Takashimaya some times, or at Mei-Diya or even Isetan.  

IMG 9017

4.  Of course, you need some rice.  I ran out of normal rice yesterday, so, I use the Pearl rice from Taiwan.

If you use normal Thailand rice, no need to pre-soak the rice.  If you use pearl rice, then, it is better to pre-soak it for at least 20min.

IMG 9018

5.  So, you mix all the ingredient together.  And just simply place it inside the rice cooker pot.

For me, I am a simple healthy person, I don’t put a lot of salt or sauces for my meals.  If not salty enough, you can always add the gravy from your dish or soya sauce later.  But if you like, you can add soya sauce or salt at this time before cooking.  (don’t eat so salty, bad of healthy). 

IMG 9020

6.  One of the big problem of cooking rice is know how much water you should be putting.  Of course, if you use the cup measurement is fine.  But for me, I use my hand method.

As long as you lay your palm flat facing down or facing up gently pressing the rice, and the water just cover your fingers, that is the water you need.

IMG 9021

7.  Or you can lay your finger facing up.  See, how the water just nearly cover my fingers?

OK.  For those who does not have fat fingers like me, the water should cover all your fingers.  🙂

IMG 9022

8.  That’s it!  Put the pot into the rice cooker, and start cooking it.

IMG 9023

9.  After it is cook, make sure you stir the rice.  And then, leave the rice in the rice cooker for further simmer.  At this time the fragrance of the ingredient you place it already make you hungry.  HaHaHa.

IMG 9026

See, simple of not?

Variation, try put mushroom, or broccoli, and what ever things you think it goes nice.  Or you can add sesame chicken in there too.  So, you start by cooking this simple “rice cooker” rice.  hahaha

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