Cook With Ken – Simple Curry Chicken

Date:  Oct 5, 2013

Since very long while that I never cook Chicken Curry dish.  Today, I got to cook 3 pots for Jay Jay’s mega party.  It is a joint birthday party with his friend Riyandi and his friend’s father.  hehe

Let’s see if I still remember it…

1.  Empty wok.  Pre-heat until very hot wok.

IMG 8992

2.  Wow.  This cooking oil comes with Omega 3.

IMG 8996

3.  Pour some oil into the HOT wok.  Let the cooking oil heat up.

IMG 8998

4.  You need onion shallots.  You actually don’t need so much, just grabs a hand full.  (About 5-6 shallots)

IMG 8982

5.  Make sure the cooking oil is hot.  Put the onion shallots in.  Stir fry it.  Until it becomes slightly brown.

IMG 9001

6.  go to any Super Market, grab this.  I use A1 Instant Chicken Curry Sauce paste.

IMG 8987

7.  Open the packet, and empty the whole thing into the hot wok with hot onion shallots in the cooking oil.

IMG 9002

8.  Let the burning oil fry the paste.

IMG 9003

9.  Stir fry it so that the fragrance comes out.

IMG 9004

10.  You need about 1KG of Chicken.

IMG 9005

11.  Stir the fried curry paste.

IMG 9006

12.  Place the chicken inside.

IMG 9007

13.  You need some lemon grass.

IMG 8994

14.  Prepare some curry leaves.

IMG 8995

15.  Throw the lemon grass and the curry leaves in together with the Chicken.  Mix and stir fry a while.

IMG 9008

16.  Pour two bowls of water (about 0.5L) into the chicken.  OK.  Stir well.  And Cover it.  Simmer it for 10-15min.

IMG 9009

17.  Then, when it is cook (Chicken turn white), turn the fire smaller a bit.  

IMG 9011

18.  Cut the Potatoes.

IMG 9010

19.  Put the potato into the curry.  Simmer it with small fire for another 10-15 min.

IMG 9012

20.  We need coconut milk.  I use this.

IMG 8985

21.  Pour it in.  Cover it.  Simmer for another 5-10 min.

IMG 8990

22.  That’s it!  While simmer the curry chicken, you got lots of time.  Can even write a few blogs ya.

And your Curry Chicken is ready to serve.  The A1 Curry paste is quite salty.  So, you don’t need to put extra soya sauce or salt or anything like that.

IMG 8991

By the time I finish this, my 3 pots of curry chicken is ready.

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