My 3 Meter Golf Putting Carpet

Date:  Oct 2, 2013

I bought this from Taobao.  

This is my 3 meter putting carpet.

This is my Albatross Put.  (hmmm… seems like wrong spelling, shouldn’t it be “putt”?)

You can place your ball at the zero there and start practise the strength needed to go to 1m, 2m, 3m.  

Or you can play games from there other side.  Try to add up the points you have place your balls at.

There is also a Fast line (on right hand side, towards you) where the carpet hair is shorter.  And there is also a Slow line (on left hand side, away from you) where the carpet hair is a bit longer.

IMG 8572

So, I place it in my bed room.  So that I can practise the putting any time.

My camera man is in action.


I placed a silicon cup with a flag there so to try to hit the same strength.


Golf game is like this.  Half of your scores is most likely come from the putting for a high handicapper like me.  

So, if you can cut down your average putts from 3-4 down to 1-2, then, your score will greatly improve.


Let’s put it into good use.

I am playing with one of my vendors.  Wilson is 19 handicap.  (Tip: You always wanted to play with people who is better so that you can learn from them).

IMG 8577

Because it is just rained.  So, we use trolley instead of buggy.

IMG 8575

No rain, no sun, no wind and the weather is nice.

IMG 8576

And amazing.  One golf game on trolley, you will need to walk at least 19,000 steps for a game.

And the distance is estimated at about 14 KM.  I think you walk here and there, back and forth, are accounted for.

And I am constantly walking for 2 hour and a half.

And amazing thing is, SICC is very hilly, so, I remember I walk up and down the hill a lot.  So, it says I climb 67 floors (each floors roughly 10-15 steps).  WOW.  And the total calories burned is estimated to be 3429.  Wow.

Screen Shot 2013 10 02 at 9 23 24 PM

And my putting average is 3-4 putts on average.  🙂  I like!

Screen Shot 2013 10 02 at 9 34 16 PM

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